At the end of June when the 30 Day Production Challenge completed, we never could’ve anticipated everyone’s spirit, ingenuity, commitment, creativity, and dedication to their craft. Hundreds of producers took up the challenge to write a song in 30 days. It was an incredible journey.

Seeing how the community interacted with one another to provide support, guidance and feedback was incredibly heart warming and powerful. Thank you for sharing your creative self with the community. So what’s next?

As promised, we’re sharing the winning projects with you!

  • Grab a copy of all 3 winning project files for yourself.
  • Take this opportunity to study your peers’ work.
  • Reverse engineer their techniques to improve your own tunes.
  • The amount you can learn by looking inside the project files of these winning producers is truly enlightening!

You get to explore the full depth of each tune with the complete project folder. Absolutely nothing is held back. You get to see from the ground up, start to finish, the entire process and workflow that the winners used! From synthesis & sound design, to song structure & arrangement, to engineering and mixing & mastering.

Note: You’ll need Ableton Live 9.7 or Ableton Suite 9.7 to open the projects. Some projects may include devices (such as Sampler or Max for Live devices) that are not part of Ableton Live 9 regular.

Download the 30 Day Production Challenge Winning Project Files

We’ve packed up all 3 winning project files into 1 simple download for you. Just enter your email address below and they’re yours!

Listen to the Winning 30 Day Production Challenge Songs

1ST PLACE: Jacob Skovsboell – Detached

2ND PLACE: Chris Davey – You Won’t Stop Movin’

3RD PLACE: Jannik Kairies – Don’t Stop

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