Well, it’s been a long journey…

Myagi here!  I started working with Vespers a little over a year ago, back when he and Jake Perrine were teaching via the vespers.ca website.

The community support for the site was amazing – we’ve had literally hundreds of students reach out saying how much it helped them to get access to working professionals in the fields they are studying.

That said, we knew it could be a better experience, one with community interactions and a bigger knowledge base. We wanted to offer even more cutting edge courses and bring in involvement of one of the best communities of instructors in the world – and so, Warp Academy was born.

Warp Academy was a concept at that point, a skeleton with a little bit of meat on the bones, but not much.  We knew we had a lot to offer:

  • A tutorial library that will give any student instant answers to their Live questions – check.
  • A series of boutique courses unlike anything else in their class on the market – check.
  • A community of artists interacting in an ever evolving manner – check.

A website that allowed us to give people easy access to all these things…  well, that one was the tough one, as there’s nothing on the market that looks, acts, behaves like what we offer.  So this has been built, brick by brick from the ground up.  A sometimes painful, occasionally frustrating, always interesting (read that as crazy) process…but it’s worked.

I’ve seen a  year of ups and downs during my time at Warp Academy – for others, that roller coaster started earlier. But this has been a labor of love, and I think the results speak to that.

We’ve got it dialed in, and we’re overjoyed to open this up to the world.

For members of the Public Beta, welcome to the site you’ve been waiting for.  For noobs – welcome to Warp Academy – your music production is going to thank you.