Vespers is a beat-making robot sent back in time from the year 2502. He was banished from the future for repeat offenses of making excessively bass-heavy noises, leading to irreparable structural damage to the downtown core of Neo Tokyo. It is reported that his long-time sidekick and party companion “Go-Go”, a biogenetically enhanced fennec fox, also travelled back in time to join him in his exile. Vespers is known for his extensive and unpredictable glitches, which cause him to randomly spout tidbits of music production wizardry and secret techniques to virtually anyone who will listen. Kind of like the robot equivalent of Tourettes Syndrome. You can see hours of videos of him waxing poetic about all kinds of audio geekery on his Youtube channel. Legend has it that getting sent back in time was all part of his “master plan” to create a legion of bass worshipers who will take over the future. Although he isn’t human, he does have an puzzling affinity for jazz music and a fascinating preoccupation with saxophones. You can frequently catch him wreaking bassy-havoc and inciting funk-infused dancefloor mayhem at all kinds of music festivals and West Coast gatherings. WARNING: If there is a Vespers sighting in your area, ensure you protect yourself and your loved ones with heavy duty hearing protection and undertake standard earthquake readiness procedures.

I want to talk about a few commonly held, but very destructive and LIMITING beliefs about writing music.  I want to tackle them head on and debunk these myths.  They are: […]

The MOD Method is a new approach, it’s a methodology, it’s a philosophy. It’s a highly-structured workflow designed just for you: the producers of tomorrow who do everything for themselves. It’s a way of dividing and conquering each phase of the production process and outpacing other producers who work randomly and bounce around “multi-tasking”.

The MOD Method will redefine how you approach the studio. It’ll give you the tools and inspiration to start creating and finishing music that you're proud of.

It is truly inspiring to see our incredible community at Warp Academy grow on a daily basis.  We love teaching and sharing knowledge with members of all skill levels. It always […]

Are some people just creative and others aren't?  Can you increase your creative capacity?  If so, how?  What diminishes and drains your creative potential?  How do you avoid such energy vampires?  These are the questions we will cover in this webinar.

Ever wonder why some people finish tracks so easily and others don't?  Do you sometimes lack inspiration or get stuck while writing music?  Join and cover some of the most deadly creative traps that get you stuck, and how to avoid them.

Learn to powerfully finish what you start, tap into unlimited creative energy, and connect with the unique music that lies within you. Uncover the secrets to be in a state of flow, increase your mental focus, and break free of frustration and pressure. Walk away with techniques to “de-stuckify” yourself, avoid creative traps and roadblocks. Ultimately, you’ll feel more consistently fulfilled with your music.

A must-see course to up your production game on every level!

  • Follow along as Vespers creates a track from start to finish, showcasing all of his workflow tricks.
  • Learn how to harness Live’s power features to write tracks faster.
  • Includes extensive templates, racks, synth patches and samples.

Watch Vespers seriously pimp out a series of hand-picked students’ projects!

  • 9 amazing episodes representing tons of genres.
  • Vespers rips each project apart, doing sound design, breakdowns, drops, builds, and extensive mixing work.
  • The before and after results are astonishing, and you get to watch every move.

Synthesis 101 is an intensive online course that includes 22 videos that cover all the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis with overviews of FM, additive, granular, wavetable, and Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesis.