Ryan McAllister

Ryan McAllister is an experimental electronic musician and educator based in Vancouver, BC (Canada). He is best known in the YouTube community for RM-Sounds Ableton Live Tips, a channel focusing on tips, tricks, and alternative workflows in Live.As a musician, Ryan is currently working on 2 different projects. In his words:“The first is of a sort of Glitchstep/IDM sound that combines atmospheric ambient soundscapes (very minimal) with complex rhythms and sound design. This is my outlet for experimentation in the composition of electronic music. I work a lot of with generative processes using custom built plugins that expand Live’s capabilities. This is the stuff I pump in the car while I cruise the city late at night.The other is an Ambient/Indie-Folk sound that involves simple but beautiful melodies and harmonies played on more traditional instrumentation (guitars/piano/strings/etc.). I use lots of shoe-gazey type delay and reverb effects to broaden my sound palette. For the rhythmic element I find this style to allow for a much looser feel which I can exploit by finding natural found-sound rhythms that pop up in the most unexpected places (in field recordings and such). This music brings me back down to earth, keeps me in touch with the meaning of life and whatnot. This is the stuff I pump in the car when I escape the city and drive through the mountains or along the coast.”

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