Andrew Mavor | Myagi

Electronic music producer heavyweight, Myagi, is a veteran sound designer and synthesis guru. His work has received accolades from professionals and users alike, including a 9/10 in the esteemed Computer Music magazine for his "Bass Weaponry" preset pack for DCAM: Synth Squad. His sound design work crosses into the mobile realm with a prominent selection of iOS apps using his material, including Soundtrends Looptastic and Meta.DJ, Finger-Pro's Bassline and Modrum, and Vavoova, a generative music app. He regularly consults with tech companies on instrument architecture and design. His production work as Myagi has garnered multiple world tours and thousands upon thousands of sales, from top charting releases in the days of vinyl to releases that crack the overall top 100 on Beatport. He has remixed music for The Crystal Method, Orbital, Si Begg, Ursula 1000, and innumerable others. His music has been featured in Hollywood movies, network tv, video games, commercials and virtually any other medium imaginable.

Myagi Music is proud to present “The Slammer!”  A great sounding monster drum instrument featuring a ton of customizable sounds made using multiple instances of Live’s Operator synth.  Perfect for techno, trap, breaks, house and more – don’t use samples, make it live!

Welcome! Welcome to Art Of The Remix!  This is a 5 week long, live-streaming webinar series with Myagi.  We get rolling on Wednesday August 27th, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm in […]

Our resident sound design nerd and synth fetishist Myagi just recently did up a nice quick tutorial for our friends the Cableguys. Learn how to create a slick, morphing pad sound in this vid!

Welcome! Welcome to Art Of The Remix!  This is a 5 week long, live-streaming webinar series with Myagi.  We get rolling on Wednesday May 7th, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm […]

It’s not every day that your favorite old school beast gets ported onto an affordable platform (and officially no less). Find out why one of the most influential instruments of all time still gives a synth nerd butterflys in his stomach.

The Freestylers should need no introduction. Original bass movers, their music has taken them all over the globe and landed them at some of the best parties in the world, including Derek Zoolander’s Derelicte launch… Check out their views on production, career choices, collabs and more.

Gadget is the new synth suite / mini DAW / drum machine / sketchpad for the iPad that dropped at NAMM 2014 with little to no lead up in promotion, and hit like a ton of bricks. No big teasing over thought product launch, just straight up “here it is,” and it’s really QUITE good.

Welcome to the Art Of The Remix webinar series with Myagi. The Webinar schedule is as follows: Wednesday November 27th, 2013 | 6-9pm PST | Week 1 Q&A | Theory […]

Massively expand your production skills:

  • Make ANY synth do your bidding in seconds!
  • Develop your own sound.
  • Never use another preset again.
  • Get the MOST out of your existing instruments.