Jake Perrine | Spire

Jake Perrine has been a music and education enthusiast all his life. He began composing electronic "bleeps and bloops" in 1984 on an Apple II+. He honed his audio chops as an audio engineer for RealNetworks, pioneering over 200 webcasts of prestigious events such as The Tibetan Freedom Concert, The Intel NY New Music Festival, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Backstreet Boys, U2, and countless others.  His first rock musical work, “VAMP – Consumption in Three Acts,” was performed at the Lamb’s Theatre in Times Square in 2001. He taught audio production at The Art Institute of Seattle for over a decade. He was deeply involved with the Oracle Gatherings, as a tarot reader, DJ, musician, performer, sound designer, director, technical director, and ultimately as managing director. Jake has been a house mastering engineer at Seattle’s prestigious RFI/CD mastering studio where he mastered over 200 CD projects of musicians from around the world. Jake has self-produced electronic music under the project heading “Spire,” showcasing his songwriting, performance and engineering skills, and is one half of the duo Bloom with Michael Maricle. Since 2010, Jake has written three books on Ableton Live for Hal Leonard publishing.  He is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. It was at his Live Certification in Seattle that Jake met Vespers, and the seeds of Warp Academy were planted. As Lead Trainer for Warp Academy, Jake has imagined and guided the creation of Warp Academy's ever-expanding curriculum.

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One common creative hurdle in the song-finishing process is adding “sparkle” to the drums: fills, rolls, and other semi-random nuances that take your drums from a robotic drum machine pattern into something like a “performance”. Through the use of playable, real-time switchable patterns, Break Tweaker can help you do this in some pleasantly surprising ways.

Reverb plugins come in two flavors: algorithmic and convolution. Both do the same job – they give your recording an artificial sense of space. The first does it through an algorithm (aka: math) containing a series of tightly packed delays that gives you a room simulation. A convolution reverb (such as the one included in Live 9 Suite’s Max for Live plugin of the same name) uses an impulse response of an actual space.

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  • Learn how to achieve that signature professional and polished sound to your mix!
  • Uncover the secrets to getting your mixes to translate and sound good on any system!
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