Ian Gallagher

Ian Gallagher is a producer, songwriter and DJ specializing in hip-hop, house and pop music. Picking up the guitar at age 10, Ian devoted himself to rock and Delta blues guitar, emulating his idols Jimi Hendrix, Slash and Robert Johnson. Three years later, he began studying classical guitar at the University of Maine. After high school, he continued his classical studies at New York City’s Manhattan School of Music under David Leisner. At Ableton, Ian worked in the Documentation department for 3 years writing, editing and managing the Live Manual, while also giving Live clinics in the NYC-area. In addition to teaching at Warp Academy, Ian is deeply immersed in his pop music production team, The Identifiers, his drum n' bass crew, Bigfoot Master, and the trap/hip hop group Gold Bikini.
  • Stay on the cutting edge with the next evolution in trap, trap step & twerk beats
  • Destroy dance floors with hard-hitting, dirty sounds processed with real analog gear
  • Supercharge your library with tough Massive patches, analog-driven 808s, and dank vocal samples

Take the journey from the first steps of DJing all the way to rock-solid proficiency in just three weeks.

  • Learn all the techniques you need to DJ with Live.
  • Easily build a Live Set template that you can DJ with at any event!
  • Get ninja tips and tricks to mix like a pro!

You might be wondering, what is Live? What can it do? What can’t it do? Whether you are making EDM, hip hop, rock, experimental classical, Broadway musicals, or anything in between Ableton Live is perfect for jamming, studio recording, post-production, live performance and DJing. In short, Live does it all.

Best of all, Ableton Live is a lot of fun. This Live Fundamentals course will introduce you to the key features of this powerful software.

  • Understand, use and exploit every piece that makes up the Audio Effect Rack
  • Seamlessly utilize a plethora of routing options inside of a Drum rack
  • Push the capabilities of a single Live device to inconceivably exponential heights
  • Quickly inject your MIDI and audio clips with rhythm, feel and life
  • Automate Live’s parameters to create sophisticated rhythmic manipulation
  • Instantly turn a groove into MIDI & how to extract specific groove elements