Ableton Certified Awesomeness

Learn to produce with a collective of Ableton Live Certified Trainers & industry insiders. We love what we do! And amping you up with inspiration, legit training, and fast-paced excellence is the name of the game.

No time? No problem.

We know you’re busy. To achieve your goals, you pack your days and nights full to the brim. With Warp Academy, you can learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. Watch a tutorial while riding the bus to work, catch a webinar right after school, or cram in a late night course with a pair of headphones—from anywhere in the world.


Courses are built from the ground up to give you the best possible learning experience as a student. They are highly refined, densely packed, meticulously organized transmissions of exactly what you need to know.

All killer. No filler.

Our trainers spend hundreds of hours polishing these courses to be nothing short of earth-shattering. Imagine attending the ultimate version of a class where the instructor was perfectly on their game.

No starving artists here.

Because of our “build once, deliver repeatedly” format, we can offer these courses at an incredibly affordable price. No student loan payments for the rest of your life to pay for a degree that almost covered what you were hoping to learn.


At Warp Academy we love to work with our students on a personal level. That’s where we believe the highest quality learning can take place, so we offer regular interactive Webinars with some of the best trainers in the biz.

"..a Webi-whatnow?"

It's like a global conference call, but with the added ability to see the screen of the presenter. No flying to remote locations. Do it all from your computer or mobile device.

Answer all of the things!

Pick up a webinar to go with your course and learn right from the source – the course creators themselves! You can even “raise your hand” and ask that nagging question.

I have not been this inspired in music since I first started spinning and I am looking forward to using all your useful information on my journey into the production world.

You're in good hands.

We're not shy about showing off who you'll be learning from. Warp Academy trainers are hand picked Ableton and music production experts. Plus, they're experienced in the field, not just as a trainer.

Ableton Certified. Industry Approved.

Who you learn from matters. Warp Academy is founded and run by a collective of Ableton Certified Trainers who have all been vetted by and received the official “stamp of approval” from Ableton itself. There are only a handful of Certified Trainers in each country and it’s a very selective process to become one, requiring years of preparation and unparallelled commitment to mastery. Each Certified Trainer is not only tested on his or her skills with, and knowledge of, Live, but also the ability to teach what they know.

Not Ready to Commit? That’s Alright.

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