Looking to join an awesome community of music lovers? You’ve come to the right place!


What is Nexus?  


Nexus is a community of music producers, offered by Warp Academy as a place to connect, collaborate and advance your skills.  If you want to up your game, meet other driven people in the industry, and get feedback on your music, you’ll fit right in.  


What Can You Do at Nexus?   


  1. Connect with other producers and musicians
  2. Learn from each other and massively up your production game
  3. Receive and offer feedback on your tracks
  4. Collaborate
  5. Join remix competitions
  6. Support each other
  7. Meet important contacts in the industry


Who Can Join?  


Anyone can join.  It’s 100% free.  Nexus is inclusive and open to music producers of all skill levels and genres.  You don’t have to use Ableton Live either.  Any and all DAWs are welcome.  


How Do I Join?  


Easy peasy.  Nexus is a Facebook Group.  You just head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/nexuscollective/ and join.  


Why is it on Facebook?


We chose Facebook because it’s a really powerful and straightforward way to meet the needs of the community.  The features we need that Facebook Groups provide are:


  1. A way to post mixed media like images, audio, and video.  
  2. Easy embedding for Soundcloud and Youtube players so members can post music for feedback or inspiration.  
  3. A powerful commenting, tagging and reply system.  
  4. Mobile compatibility on all devices.  
  5. Advanced moderation & administration.  
  6. Notifications.  
  7. Fast page load times.  
  8. Ability to host polls.  


What if I Don’t Use Facebook?


At the moment, Facebook is the exclusive way we’re hosting the group.  Accounts are free to set up (but you knew that already right?).  If you don’t (or won’t) use Facebook, then you can’t join Nexus.  You can certainly come and check out all the free content on our blog though. 



Warp Academy staff and trainers will periodically be dropping sweet stuff into the group, and we’ll even do some fun challenges!

We hope that this group will inspire you creatively and nurture the amazing talent this community can offer!

Love and light our friends.

The Team at Warp Academy