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Learn Live 10 From Ableton Certified Trainers: Unlock All of Live 10’s Power Features. Get up to speed with Live 10 and stay ahead of the game. Learn every new power feature and how to use it in your music ASAP. This is your fast track to getting the most out of Live 10.

Deconstruct & learn from Vespers’ newest tunes

  • 4 cutting-edge Live Packs with over 4 GB of sounds
  • The ENTIRE project file is revealed, including sound design, mixing & mastering
  • Complete with every sample, synth patch, FX chain, and Rack used
  • Learn from an Ableton Certified Trainer

The Vespers Bundle contains EVERY course Vespers has launched on Warp Academy. From Synthesis 101 to Creative Mastery, this bundle is guaranteed to powerfully revolutionize your relationship with your music, and give you the tools you need to make better music faster!

Two incredible courses that will powerfully change your relationship with your music. You’ll learn to powerfully finish what you start, tap into unlimited creative energy, and connect with the unique music that lies within you. You’ll learn a highly-structured workflow designed just for you: the producers of tomorrow who do everything for themselves. You’ll learn to divide and conquer each phase of the production process and outpace other producers who work randomly and bounce around “multi-tasking”.

The Warp Academy team has joined forces to offer an INSANE bundle of our most popular Ableton Live Project Files built by Ableton Certified Trainers, Vespers, and Ian Gallagher, and sound design guru, Dan Larsson. The Warp Academy Project File Bundle includes 6 incredible Project Files for ONLY $3!

Forged in the fires of the future, Darkside Funk lies at the leading edge of evolving sounds for modern bass music. Inspired by some of our favorite sci-fi films, it cloaks you in an immersive universe of hard hitting basses, searing mid-range bizness and morphing textures. With modulation pushed to the max, each preset moves and breathes with a life of its own.

Lurking inside, you’ll find some of the most advanced and powerful sounds ever created for Serum. All this power is at your fingertips, BEGGING to be unleashed! The creative use of Macros makes Darkside Funk delightfully immediate and simple to use, while also yielding spectacular sound-mangling abilities.

I want to talk about a few commonly held, but very destructive and LIMITING beliefs about writing music.  I want to tackle them head on and debunk these myths.  They are: […]

To celebrate the launch of Darkside Funk, we’re hosting a free live-stream: Sound Design Secrets in Serum. So much potential lurks under the hood of this incredible synth. Come discover some of our favorite features and how to get the most out of them.

Learn from a Beatport #1 producer:

  • Giom reveals his personal house music production secrets
  • Download his full Ableton Live 9 Suite project file, complete with samples, effects, Racks and more!
  • Discover essential techniques for house music producers – guaranteed

The MOD Method is a new approach, it’s a methodology, it’s a philosophy. It’s a highly-structured workflow designed just for you: the producers of tomorrow who do everything for themselves. It’s a way of dividing and conquering each phase of the production process and outpacing other producers who work randomly and bounce around “multi-tasking”.

The MOD Method will redefine how you approach the studio. It’ll give you the tools and inspiration to start creating and finishing music that you’re proud of.