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The MOD Method is a new approach, it’s a methodology, it’s a philosophy. It’s a highly-structured workflow designed just for you: the producers of tomorrow who do everything for themselves. It’s a way of dividing and conquering each phase of the production process and outpacing other producers who work randomly and bounce around “multi-tasking”.

The MOD Method will redefine how you approach the studio. It’ll give you the tools and inspiration to start creating and finishing music that you're proud of.

Another skillfully created project file, the Warp Academy Hybrid Trap Project File, features a pack of sound design weapons guaranteed to inspire and encourage your future sound design projects.

You get direct access to Dan Larsson's masterful use of sound design techniques, including dubstep style basses, leads, grime sounds, synth stabs, horns and FX sounds built in xFer Serum, Operator and Sampler.

Synthesis & sound design expert by day, double 00 secret agent by night, Dan Larsson flexes the full power of his cutting-edge synthesis and sound design techniques to bring you Warp Academy's Future Bass Project File.

Selecting and sculpting from an arsenal of fresh and diverse techniques, the Future Bass Project File is guaranteed to offer new ways to synthesize sounds for your own music!

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