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Sound Design Secrets in Serum

Sound Design Secrets

in Serum

Unleash Serum's Power Features

So much potential lurks under the hood of this incredible synth. Come discover some of our favorite features and how to get the most out of them.

Professional Sound Designers

Who you learn from matters. This course is hosted by 2 of our core sound designers who've been using Serum day in and day out since it's launch.

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Meet Your Teachers

Sound Design Secrets in Serum will be co-presented by two of the sound designers behind our epic, upcoming Darkside Funk soundbank: Dan Dusko and Vespers. Between them they've got 3 decades of production experience and have created some of the world's most cutting-edge Serum sounds.

Vespers's tutorials are some of the most watched and liked Serum videos on Youtube. They'll be dropping tips and tricks they developed while working on Darkside Funk, showcasing the most current new features.

Live-Stream + Q&A

Sound Design Secrets in Serum is a 100% live-streamed course, with a dedicated Q&A period. The stream is scheduled for 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT, Saturday, Sept. 16th 2017. Sign up now and reserve your spot! (Convert to your local time here.)

Downloadable Files

The course includes wavetables, presets, templates and racks as free downloads.

A download link will be given to attendees in the live-stream only. Make sure you reserve your spot and join us live.

Sound Design Secrets in Serum

What You’ll Learn

Module 1: Get the sounds you want FASTER than ever

-Eye-opening workflow hacks used by pro sound designers

-Save hours of time in the studio with these short cuts

-Using post-processing on Serum with racks and effects templates

Module 2: Build wavetables like a BOSS

-Innovative ways of building wavetables

-Serum’s newest features for wavetable creation

-Little-known and hidden tools for making wavetables

Module 3: Shaping Your Sound to PERFECTION with Filters

-How filters can take your sound to the next level

-Our favorite filter types in Serum

-Pro tips for setting up and modulating filters

Module 4: Making super EXPRESSIVE leads & basses

-Critical, MUST HAVE, tips to make Serum highly playable

-How to model the level of expression possible in acoustic wind instruments

-Make better, more professional sounding leads & basses in 5 minutes

Hear What People Are Saying

“Serum is indubitably the most popular virtual instrument, widely surpassing Native Instrument's still popular synth, Massive. This expressive, highly programmable and customizable instrument serves well in practically all genres and styles. With so many features, it can feel overwhelming to really get in complete control of this powerful instrument.

You won't want to miss this valuable opportunity to learn from one of the best educational resources for Ableton and electronic music-focused learning. There'll be a 2-hour presentation regarding Serum’s newest features from Vespers, Dusko and the Warp Academy sound-design team. During the stream, Warp Academy will be giving previews of content included with Darkside Funk, their upcoming Serum sound bank. (We've heard some of what it can do and it's awesome, to say the least!)."

- Alexander, writer, Dance Music Northwest

"These sounds in the new Darkside Funk pack are a lot of fun and a great addition to my sound library. Thanks Warp Academy for all of the awesome sounds and courses."

-Morgan McNeece


This live-stream course is 100% free! Just add the course to your cart and checkout. Easy peasy!

Any Device

Your course will work on any device using a modern browser. Our videos and site are designed with mobile in mind. Watch and learn on the go from anywhere.

Special Opportunity

Get a sneak peak at the secret Darkside Funk bonuses and never before heard previews of presets.


What skill level is this course?

Totally accessible for beginners, plus content that'll appeal to you if you're more advanced. We assume that you have a basic understanding of subtractive synthesis and Serum (You've seen a few tutorials and read the manual a bit perhaps).

To prep for this course, we highly recommend you check out our free collection of Serum tutorial videos here.

What software do I need?

You'll need Xfer Serum synth V1.21 (released on Aug. 30th, 2017) and a DAW / host to run it in. As an owner of Serum, you can update for free by logging into your account and selecting "See Available Downloads".

We'll be providing some Ableton Live Racks that are optional, not required. If you want to use them you'll need Ableton Live 9.7.

Do I need Ableton Live?

Nope! You can use Serum, our presets, and wavetables, in any DAW or host. We'll be giving away an Ableton Live set with some Racks for Serum, but they're not essential and can be emulated in other programs. You can easily take the course using any DAW.

A demo of Live is available at, though be sure and wait until the course begins if you go this route as it will expire after 30 days.

When is the live-stream?

The live-stream is on Saturday, September 16th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm PDT. Convert to your local time here.

Where do I watch the live-stream?

The live-stream is embedded directly on the Sound Design Secrets in Serum private course page. You can find this page in your My Library section of Warp Academy when logged in.

Is this course applicable to my genre?

In a word – yes. This course is designed to demonstrate how to use Serum and the techniques can be applied in any genre.

Are there any system requirements?

Yes, a broadband internet connection and computer or mobile device are required to watch the stream. The minimum requirements are obviously the ability to run a DAW and Serum, so any computer with Mac OS 10.5 & Windows XP or newer should do just fine.

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