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The Producer Pro Bundle

The Producer Pro Bundle

The ultimate collection of 25 online courses offered on Warp Academy

Essential Education

Courses cover every topic imaginable, including live basics, sound design, mixing and mastering, music theory, live performance, DJing, remixing and so much more!

Ableton Certified Training Center

Who you learn from matters. Our certified trainers at Warp Academy are the world's foremost experts on Ableton Live and music production.

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Instant, lifetime access to all 25 courses.

Learn from the Pros

If you want to powerfully invest in your education as a musician, then look no further than Producer Pro Bundle on Warp Academy!

The Producer Pro Bundle is the ultimate collection of 25 online courses offered on Warp Academy, taught by Ableton Certified Trainers and industry pros!  These 25 courses offer an incredibly comprehensive library of education that is guaranteed to help you fulfill your musical dreams!

Our trainers spend hundreds of hours polishing these courses to be nothing short of earth-shattering. Each course in the bundle is jam-packed with practical knowledge, explantations, and concise breakdowns of why things work the way they do.

We know you’re busy. To achieve your goals, you pack your days and nights full to the brim. With Warp Academy, you can learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. Watch a tutorial while riding the bus to work, catch a lesson right after school, or cram in a late night course with a pair of headphones—from anywhere in the world.

228 Hours of Video

You get 528 HD video lessons within 25 courses that are guaranteed to revolutionize how you write your music. Powerful, succinct, easily digestible nuggets of learning so you can quickly get up to speed and making music.

Downloadable Files

Almost every course includes downloadable Project files, production tools and other educational goodies so you can follow along with each course in detail.

Members Discount

Instantly unlock Members Discounts of 20-60% off our partners & third party plugin providers, including 40% Ableton Live 9 Suite/Standard software, iZotope software, FabFilter and more!

Preview the Courses

Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart

Learn 90% of Ableton Live in one month! Throw out that user manual and learn Live by doing! Make a song as you learn the program. Watch Chapter 1 for Free!

Watch more free preview videos from Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart here.

Synthesis 101

Synthesis 101 is an intensive online course that includes 22 videos that cover all the fundamentals of subtractive synthesis with overviews of FM, additive, granular, wavetable, and more.

Learn more about Synthesis 101 here.

Live Fundamentals

You might be wondering, what is Live? What can it do? What can’t it do? This Live Fundamentals course will introduce you to the key features of this powerful software, and get you started with Live.

Learn more about Live Fundamentals here.

Session View

Get to know the unique view that made Live famous: Session View! Session View's unique non-linear approach for making music is what Live is best known for.

Learn more about Session View here.

Audio Clips and Warping

The fundamental building blocks of Live are Audio Clips & Warping and they are the heart of what makes this powerful DAW great.

Check out Audio Clips & Warping here.

Producing with MIDI

Learn everything about MIDI, gain an in depth understanding of how to properly record and edit MIDI in Live, and how to set up ANY MIDI controller!

Check out Producing with MIDI here.

Essential Audio Effects & Instruments

Master Live’s most frequently used devices to boost your sound design arsenal, equipping you with an unlimited reserve of creative potential!

Learn more about Essential Audio Effects & Instruments here.

Producing with Racks

Understand, use and exploit every piece that makes up the Audio Effect Rack and seamlessly utilize a plethora of routing options inside of a Drum rack.

Learn more about Producing with Racks here.

Grooves & Automation

Quickly inject your MIDI and audio clips with rhythm, feel and life and automate Live’s parameters to create sophisticated rhythmic manipulation.

Learn more about Grooves & Automation here.

Audio Weapons

Follow along as Vespers creates a track from start to finish, showcasing all of his workflow tricks. You’ll learn how to harness Live’s power features to write tracks faster.

Learn more about Audio Weapons here.

Creative Mastery

Learn to powerfully finish what you start, tap into unlimited creative energy, and connect with the unique music that lies within you.

Learn more about Creative Mastery here.

DJing with Ableton Live

Learn all the techniques you need to DJ with Live. Take the journey from the first steps of DJing all the way to rock-solid proficiency in just three weeks.

Check out DJing with Ableton Live here.

The Art of Synthesis

Massively expand your production skills, make ANY synth do your bidding in seconds, and develop your own sound and never use another preset again.

Check out The Art of Synthesis here.

Blitz Bass

Learn how to make bass that will seriously piss off your neighbours! Decades of combined experience distilled down into 23 HD video lessons!

Learn more about Blitz Bass here.

Mixing and Mastering

Learn how to achieve that signature professional and polished sound to your mix. Uncover the secrets to getting your mixes to sound good on any system!

Check out Mixing and Mastering here.


Polish your mixes to a pro shine and push them across the finish line into The Land of DONE! See a professional mixer doing the work on songs from several genres!

Learn more about MixLab here.

Music Theory

Learn the underlying language of music! Learn note names, scales, sharps and flats, intervals, simple & complex chords, key signatures and rhythms.

Learn more about Music Theory here.

Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians

Discover the method behind composing flawless bass lines and chord progressions and access simple shortcuts to relevant theory for electronic music!

Learn more about Music Hacking here.

Music Hacking – The 4-Hour Song: Ep. 1

Learn how music theory is applied to songwriting and see first-hand how music theory eliminates writer’s block!

Learn more about The 4-Hour Song Ep. 1 here.

Music Hacking – The 4-Hour Song: Ep. 2

Discover the balance of theory and creativity and see live composing of chords, bass, drums, synths, guitar, vocals!

Learn more about The 4-Hour Song Ep. 2 here.

Producing House Music in Live 9

Learn house music production from a Beatport #1 producer and discover the workflow, secrets, plugins, samples & synths of a world-renowned pro.

Check out Producing House Music here.

Live on Stage

Learn how to incorporate live instruments into an Ableton Live performance and jam & collaborate with ANY musician while using Ableton Live.

Learn more about Live on Stage here.

Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart

Jumpstart your path to Push 2 greatness and learn from 50 essential Push 2 video lessons! After taking Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you’ll know the Push inside out.

Check out Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart here.

Pimp My Track

Watch Vespers seriously pimp out a series of hand-picked students’ projects! 9 amazing episodes representing tons of genres.

Check out Pimp My Track here.

The Art of the Remix

This powerful 5 week course will MASSIVELY increase your production skills and unleash your inner track mangling monster.

Check out The Art of the Remix here.

Hear What People Are Saying

"So here is how I ended up here, I saw Vespers on YouTube and he said something that REALLY resonated with me. He communicated that his goal in becoming an Ableton Certified Trainer was to be able to use Ableton “like the back of his hand”. I instantly knew that I wanted to do the same. I watched hundreds of free videos available on the internet, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere. It was really scattered learning and nothing really stuck.

I decided to buck up and invest in my education by grabbing the Producer Pro Bundle at Warp Academy. I set a goal of watching an hour a day with my breakfast and begin to immediately apply what I learn in my studio sessions. I started with the Art of Synthesis course. It was crazy…the first day off I had and I sat down to start making some synth patches and had the hugest smile on my face! It was such an amazing moment for me.

Almost 2 years later and can fly through Live. I can now express myself musically in this program without stopping and getting pissed off. It’s so fun now! I’m almost done my first original song, that I am stoked on, and it’s all thanks to this bundle of courses! I’m now currently going through the Mixing & Mastering course right now while I’m finishing my song, and it’s rad cause I can go back in the course to go over things I maybe forgot. I don’t have to scroll through tons of YouTube videos, I just get the answer right away and move on! Ding dong!

I also just recently bought a few Izotope plugins for 50% off because of the Members Discounts I get access to as a Warp Academy Student!!! HUGE WIN! Love this school and can easily say that this has been my best decision to buck up and get the Producer Pro Bundle!! Warp Academy High Five!”

-Adam Hennessey, Warp Academy Student

Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart

"A course like this is truly indispensable for anyone new to Ableton live. If you just purchased Live and are wondering what to do next, taking this course should be your next move."

-Frank Cozzarelli

Audio Weapons

"There were no “secrets” you were unwilling to share or explain. Great course, learned a ton, extremely gifted instructor, and producer. Thanks again!"

–Joe Ashlar

Creative Mastery

"What a life changer this course has been. I came to become a better musician and thanks to this course I’m on my way to become an all-around better individual… which helps me become a better musician in the process! Simple as that! I wish I could have learned these invaluable lessons earlier in my life! If your motto truly is ‘music is my life’ but you’re feeling unaccomplished and don’t know where to start, this course is the ultimate guide!"

-Lionel M.

DJing with Ableton Live

"This course really helped me to dig deep into what I wanted to achieve with DJing in general. I came into this course from the production side of things and not knowing anything about what it takes to DJ. Music, like any art form, is a conversation. Taking the time to define what kind of messages I want to deliver to future audiences as well as deepening my love for music in general were the two biggest things I got from this course. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to learn how to DJ!"

-Brendan Quibin

The Art of Synthesis

"A perfect modern update to the classic NY school of synthesis course. Teaches how to build a sound from the bottom up in a simple, accessible fashion using common tools, but in a way portable across many synth platforms. Phenomenal course worth every penny!"

-Christopher Massa

Blitz Bass

"Such a great course! I’ve struggled to find another course that has such insight into managing your low end. My tracks have improved tenfold after watching this. A lot of people ask me how I manage to get my subs sounding so smooth, I send them here! In all seriousness, Vespers explains some neat tricks and handy plugins to help you achieve the round fullness that every club track deserves. If you’re serious about taking your productions to the next level, then invest in yourself and take the course. 5 stars :)"

-Paul Alexander

Mixing & Mastering

"“Absolutely brilliant. I learnt so much from this… things that I didn’t know I didn’t know… which a really important. It’s given me much more confidence, and my tracks are sounding better for sure. Worth every cent."

-Gavin S.


"“Thanks for putting together such a thorough and detailed class. I really felt like I learned a lot over the last three weeks and that it was money well spent. I’m looking forward to having some time this weekend to revisit a tune I was working on before the class and redo the mix and see how much better it can sound. Also, I was really impressed with the webinar part of the course. Your willingness to answer any and all questions and the breadth of your knowledge was impressive. Being a mostly “in the box” guy, it was nice to hear and think about other uses and issues."

-Mark G.

Music Hacking for Electronic Musicians

"This course is life changing, revolutionary! I’ve struggled for years to make sense of music theory even after studying it in college. Ray and Vespers simplify it in such an amazing way. And they make it so relevant to modern music with this course!!! Would recommend to beginners or even veterans!!"

-Marzy Bacchus

Music Theory

"Michael’s ability to articulate a concept in a clear and concise manner made this course truly enjoyable for me. A complete novice to Music Theory, I really enjoyed levelling up my basic knowledge of the different intervals, scales and chords."

-Andrew D.

Producing House Music in Live 9

"Awesome course! Great to get to sit in with such a talented producer. Giom shows you his template, workflow, and plenty of tips and tricks to how he gets his sound alone the way. He also answers a ton of questions in a very straight forward, no BS kinda way!"

-Nicholas Simonds

Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart

"This course is definitely worth checking out. The attention to detail Brian puts in the modules is fanastic. It would take hours if not days to sift through and be able to find the little tips and tricks searching on Youtube. This course covers the very basics and goes all the way into advanced techniques for you to navigate all of Push 2. If you want to understand Push 2 within a few hours then this is the course for you."

-Ryan Dekker


Our rock solid guarantee ensures your satisfaction. Refund or exchange this bundle for up to 60 days. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!

Any Device

Courses will work on any device using a modern browser. Our videos and site are designed with mobile in mind. Watch and learn on the go from anywhere.

Lifetime Access

Your courses will never expire. Lifetime access ensures you can watch at your own place, on your own time with no rush.


Have a specific question about a course in this bundle?

Check out the "Preview the Courses" section above and you'll see a list of every course included in the bundle. If you want to learn more about a specific course, just click the link at the end of the course description.

What skill level are these courses?

Beginner to intermediate.

What exactly will I learn in each course?

Each one of our product pages contains a full course description, course curriculum and free full length preview videos from the course. We highly recommend checking out each course page fully and watching the free preview videos. That way you can ensure that this bundle is right for you.

Are these courses applicable to my genre?

In a word – yes. The techniques we teach can be applied universally to virtually any electronic music genre.

How long can I access the courses and the videos?

You get lifetime access to this courses included in this bundle.

Are there downloads or templates for the courses?

Most courses contain downloadable files and projects, but not every course. You will find these downloads on each individual course page, if and when there are any.

What if I don’t like the bundle?

We want you to be as excited about your courses as we are. If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with it, we offer a no-hassle, no-BS, super easy 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Any time within the first 60 days after purchase we will refund your money.

What version of Live do I need to use the courses?

These courses is done in Live 8 & Live 9. All of these techniques can also be done in Live 9 Intro & Live 9 Suite. If your taking advantage of the Education Discount with Ableton then your version of Live 9 Standard or Suite will be all that you need! A demo of Live 9 is available at, though if you go this route as it will expire after 30 days.

How can I be eligible for the educational pricing?

To be eligible for the Educational discount pricing you need to purchase Ableton Live from this link, and then email a copy of your receipt(s) from Warp Academy to totalling $300 or more.

How long will it take Ableton to approve my software license?

Ableton states on their educational pricing page that you will typically get a response of verification in 1-2 days. If you can’t wait for the verification process to run its course, you can use the free 30-day license to make music while Ableton verifies.

What if I have trouble viewing the streaming videos?

Important: To get the best experience, we highly recommend you use the most updated version of Firefox or Safari (if you're on a Mac).

Can I download the videos?

No, but you have full access to all the video content after signing up. You can also access the videos from virtually any mobile device.

Are there any system requirements?

Yes, a broadband internet connection and computer are required. Minimum requirements are obviously the ability to run Ableton Live 8/9 so any computer with Mac OS 10.5 & Windows XP or newer should do just fine.

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