Glitches and Grains
Granular Sound Design

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Glitches and Grains
Granular Sound Design

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Stop getting held back by a lack of ideas and dull, boring sound design.  Discover how to infuse your tracks with that essential “WOW factor”.

Mastery of granular techniques not only gives your tracks an edge, it opens up a whole new realm of sound design power moves.  With this course in your library, you’ll NEVER feel stuck or uninspired again.

The next-level skills you’ll learn in Glitches and Grains will equip you to break through virtually any creative roadblock and maximize your potential in the studio.

Granular effects incorporate the most powerful parts of sampling and synthesis.  Granular synthesis smashes audio into tiny grains and re-synthesizes them, resulting in truly unique, futuristic sounds. If you’re looking for your golden ticket to sound design mastery, this is it!

Become a Power User

Glitches and Grains puts an array of wicked-powerful new weapons in your sound design arsenal. This course gets super deep into Ableton Live’s power features and unlocks its full potential.

Taking this course will reveal workflows and processes that few producers ever discover. Become an Ableton power user by unlocking these epic production secrets.

These crazy hacks and pro tricks will leave your fans mind-blown, FIENDING to hit that replay button.

Learn From a Boss

Merlyn is, quite literally, one of the foremost experts in the field.  Not only is he an Ableton Certified Trainer, he also has impressive things that hang on the wall, like a Masters and a Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic Music Production.  No big deal.  He’s beyond ninja level with this stuff.  We’re talking grand-master sensei bossman here.  Read below to learn more about Merlyn.

Skill Level & Software

Glitches and grains is for intermediate producers who have a good handle on the basics, and want to dial in some advanced new power skills.  

You’ll need Ableton Live 9 Suite (or higher), or Live 9 standard with the Max4Live upgrade.  In the course, you’ll use free Max4Live instruments like Granulator II and Buffer Shuffler.  

*** To note: You'll need Live 10 in order to take full advantage of the bonuses. 

Meet The Wizard

Merlyn Silva

Merlyn has done things with Live that pushed the envelope in ways it’s creators never imagined.  His main project at university involved pairing a dancer with an Xbox Kinect camera to control sounds and effects with her body.  He expertly rigged the software so her movements created evolving, futuristic soundscapes, following her every movement flawlessly in real-time.  It left audiences stunned and mind-blown.

"Technology can always be bent, hacked and worked-around, to meet the needs of human musicality and creative endeavor."  - Merlyn Silva

He’s a master with Max4Live, regularly schooling even the most experienced producers with his deep knowledge of devices and workflows they didn’t even know existed.  His fascination with granular design grew into an obsession and spurred the release of a stream of glitched-up, psychedelic bass music and installation art pieces.

After 10 years of using Live, Merlyn became an Ableton Certified Trainer in 2016.  He’s currently very in demand, splitting his time between teaching composition and production at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, performing and releasing spacey electronica, and teaching Max4Live and advanced sound design here at Warp Academy.


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100% Guaranteed - 60 Days

Our rock solid guarantee makes sure you’re completely happy. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with Darkside Funk, refund or exchange this sound bank for up to 60 full days. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!


Over 2.5 Hours of In-Depth Lessons

Glitches and Grains is packed with hacks, pro-tips, and power workflows.  Get ready for tons of BIG “aha” moments and things you never knew Live could do.

Learn in bite-sized chunks, with videos that are about 5 minutes each.


Project Files

You get 15 Ableton Live Project Files to follow along with and start mastering granular synthesis.  You can reverse engineer, deconstruct and learn from what Merlyn does in the course.

Learn by doing and get hands-on with these super-useful projects.  Get under the hood and discover exactly how a professional gets his results.

Connect with Other Producers

We’ve set up a special Facebook Group, called Nexus, where you can connect with other producers, receive & offer feedback on your songs, collaborate, learn from each other, & get first dibbs on all our upcoming tutorials, courses & soundbanks. Booya. See ya there!



Course Previews

  • Course Preview: #1

  • Course Preview: #2

  • Course Preview: #3

Limited BONUSES ($180 value)

  • A Full Granular Project File ($40 value)

    We wanted to show you some badass granular tricks in action, so we created an entire project for you in Ableton Live. It flexes many of the best techniques from Glitches and Grains right before your eyes in a dance floor banger of a tune. If you want to see real world examples of how advanced, professional producers are using granular effects, you won’t want to miss this! With the granular project file in your library, you’ll be able to:
    • Reverse engineer how to use granular processing to create insane sounds
    • Follow along and re-create the sound design tricks of a professional producer
    • Get inspiration for how to best use the lessons from the course
  • Sample Pack Specially Designed for Granular Use ($60 value)

    Merlyn & Vespers teamed up, combining their personal sample libraries to bring you a wicked collection of audio samples. These are recorded and processed field recordings that are PERFECT source sounds for granular synthesis. Included, you’ll find:
    • Texture source sounds: Ambiences, found sounds, cool weird stuff.
    • Tonal sources sounds: Pitched material.
    • Field recordings of percussive sounds, water, nature sounds, paper crumpling, glitchy effects and SO much more.
    This includes Vespers’s entire personal library of carefully curated field recordings. Hyper-useful for layering and adding organic texture and realism to your electronic tracks. Vespers recorded these sounds over 3 years in 7 different locations, editing them down into only the most useful samples. Never before has this insane library of sounds been offered.
  • granular audio effect rack

    Granular Instrument & Audio Effect Racks ($20 value)

    Taking things a step further and adding fuel to the fire is our motto. True to form, we amped up the granular project file with a collection of essential Instrument & Audio Effect Racks. You can pull these from the project and add them to your personal library. This will let you drop them into any future project for some instant goodness. Booya!
  • Sony FS5

    An Interactive Live-stream with Merlyn ($40 value)

    This is a rare opportunity for you to pick the brain of the course creator himself. Don't miss your chance to learn from the master!
  • AMA image

    Private Facebook Group and AMA ($20 value)

    Get access to a private inner circle Facebook group where you'll get to "Ask Merlyn Anything!"
  • secret bonus

    Granular Production Challenge ($30 value)

    Get access to an exclusive production challenge and showcase your new skills. What a PERFECT way to light a fire under your butt and make sure you actually use this course. It’s guaranteed to push you into new territory and give you a firm deadline so you actually finish a track.

The Full Curriculum

What People Are Saying About
Glitches And Grains...

  • Michal Palzewicz

    "Any producer would benefit tremendously from this course, but as a classically trained musician, who is interested in blending together electronic and acoustic music, this course was a wonderful and unexpected surprise. I felt completely at home here. The course is a different and delightfully fresh take on sound design."

  • Nicholas Chase

    "Merlyn is easy going, easy to understand, and grasps what a would-be Ableton-Ninja wants to know. He gets under the hood and focuses on results, not on technique, and even offers great advice about managing studio work time. I'd easily take more courses from Merlyn!"

  • Huxlous Aldey

    "Merlyn is clearly quite obsessed with deep sound manipulation.  More importantly, however, he has the ability to present his ideas and techniques clearly and concisely. There definitely is no limit to where you can end up when diving into sound design, but Merlyn has laid out some very cool tricks and suggested some excellent habits for dealing with your sound design projects."

Here’s Exactly What You Get.


Course Videos

2.5 Hours of In-depth Videos


Project Files

15 Ableton Live Project Files to Follow Along


$180 Worth of Bonuses

Included for the First 200 Purchasers


100% Guaranteed - 60 Days

Our rock solid guarantee makes sure you’re completely happy. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with Darkside Funk, refund or exchange this sound bank for up to 60 full days. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!


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