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FM Synthesis Masterclass Make Crazy Epic Sounds

FM Synthesis Masterclass

Make Crazy Epic Sounds

Level-Up Your Synth Skills

Harness the power of FM synthesis and take your sound design to a whole new dimension. Get the edge that’ll truly make your tracks stand out. Learn to make the world’s most advanced synths do your bidding.

Learn from a Proven Professional

Who you learn from matters. Dan Larsson has made countless sound banks on Loopmasters. His samples & synth presets have been heard on some of the world’s most infamous tracks.

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Meet Your Teacher

We chose Dan Larsson to host this masterclass because he specializes in FM synthesis, specifically. He’s a stone-cold FM guru, on the cutting-edge of current genres and emerging production styles.

Dan has a perfect set of qualities you want in a teacher:

- he’s masterful with this type of synthesis;
- his own production is world-class;
- he’s a great teacher with a passion for sharing his knowledge; and
- he does this successfully as a full-time, career sound designer.

Dan is a weapon on Loopmasters. He’s produced an impressive catalog of some of their most popular sound banks. We’re deeply grateful he’s chosen to share his knowledge with you and we’re beyond stoked for you tap into this uber-powerful sound design tool.

Over 4 Hours of In-Depth Lessons

You get 49 action-packed lessons from one of the most prolific sound designers in the industry. Including 17 bonus videos on creating deadly sounds like: kicks, snares, toms, basses, leads, pads and effects.

Downloadable Files

This Masterclass includes Ableton Live project files, plus synth presets for Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Operator. Use them to follow along each step of the way, and to reverse engineer and learn from the final results.

Connect with Other Producers

We’ve set up a special Facebook Group, called Nexus, where you can connect with other producers, receive & offer feedback on your songs, collaborate, learn from each other, & get first dibbs on all our upcoming tutorials, courses & soundbanks. Booya. See ya there!

Course Previews

Course Preview: What is Frequency Modulation?
Course Preview: Demo of FM8
Course Preview: Demonstration for Operator

What You’ll Learn

Module 1 | Lesson 1 | Introduction
Module 2 | Lesson 1 | What is Frequency Modulation?
Module 2 | Lesson 2 | History of FM Synthesis
Module 2 | Lesson 3 | Meet Your New Friends
Module 2 | Lesson 4 | Frequency / Phase Modulation Synthesis Theory
Module 3 | Lesson 1 | Demo of FM8
Module 3 | Lesson 2 | Making Your First Patch
Module 3 | Lesson 3.1 | FM Matrix Part 1
Module 3 | Lesson 3.2 | FM Matrix Part 2
Module 3 | Lesson 4 | FM8 FX
Module 3 | Lesson 5 | Demo
Module 3 | Lesson 6 | Basic Modulation
Module 3 | Lesson 7 | Advanced Modulation: Looping Envelopes
Module 3 | Lesson 8 | Advanced Modulation: LFOs
Module 3 | Lesson 9 | Modulation Demo
Module 3 | Lesson 10.1 | Effects Part 1
Module 3 | Lesson 10.2 | Effects Part 2
Module 3 | Lesson 10.3 | Effects Part 3
Module 3 | Lesson 11 | Effects Demo Patch
Module 3 | Lesson 12.1 | Arpeggiator 1
Module 3 | Lesson 12.2 | Arpeggiator 2
Module 3 | Lesson 13 | Easy/ Morph
Module 3 | Lesson 14 | Morph Square
Module 3 | Lesson 15 | Morph/ Arp Demo
Module 3 | Lesson 16 | Saving Presets
Module 3 | Lesson 17 | Pro Tips
Module 3 | Lesson 18 | Wrap Up
Module 4 | Lesson 1 | Demonstration for Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 2 | Synthesizer Layout
Module 4 | Lesson 3 | Demo Preset
Module 4 | Lesson 4 | Oscillators
Module 4 | Lesson 5 | FM Routing Algorithms
Module 4 | Lesson 6 | Custom Waveforms
Module 4 | Lesson 7 | Envelopes and LFOs 1
Module 4 | Lesson 8 | Envelopes and LFOs 2
Module 4 | Lesson 9 | Advanced Modulations – Loop Modes
Module 4 | Lesson 10 | Demo Patch
Module 4 | Lesson 11 | Time, Tone Knobs
Module 4 | Lesson 12 | Pro Tips
Module 4 | Lesson 13 | Making a Kick in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 14 | Making a Snare in Operator 1
Module 4 | Lesson 15 | Making a Snare in Operator 2
Module 4 | Lesson 16 | Making a Tom in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 17 | Making a Pad in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 18 | Making a Bass Sound in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 19 | Making a Lead Sound in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 20 | Making a FX Sound in Operator
Module 4 | Lesson 21 | Wrap Up
Module 4 | Lesson 22 | Goodbye

Hear What People Are Saying About the FM Synthesis Masterclass

"Dan Larsson is an incredibly knowledgeable guy and a great teacher. He explains everything you could possibly want to know about FM Synthesis in a clear and well thought out manner. This is a very well structured course with incredibly valuable insights into FM terminology, function, and of course practical use cases with Ableton's Operator, and FM8.
I have been producing music on Ableton for over 6 years now, and yet I still found the course incredibly helpful for my personal production. Since watching the course, I have found myself pushing new boundaries with my sound design, and changing my usual thought processes on things like bass and lead FM routings.
Also, FM8 FX!!! I had no idea what I was missing out on! This course is worth every penny for any serious producer."

- Jack Murray a.k.a Squish

This course gives you an all-encompassing look at FM synthesis using Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Operator. Dan Larsson is a Synth expert and a solid part of the Warp Academy Team .....Dan has created a very insightful and well-rounded course for FM synthesis. Granted it´s a heavy one at times but [Dan's] presentation is well paced, well prepared and all with a charming accent. I´ll be going back to this course for some years to come and think it´s well worth the time.

-Robert Collomb


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Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for you if you're looking for that edgy, digital sound to your production. Basically the sounds of modern electronic genres and pop music. Think Noisia, Skrillex, Zedd, Diplo or Virtual Riot.

What skill level is this course?

Already got some basic skills in production and general synthesis? Looking for the next step? Great! This will be right up your alley. If you're new to production, we highly suggest you breeze through our 1-hour long Synthesis 101 course first:

You don't need to know anything about FM synthesis to take this course though. It starts right from the ground level and teaches you everything fresh from the beginning.

What software do I need?

This course features Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Operator. You'll need FM8 version 1.4.1 and Ableton Suite 9.7 or Ableton Live 9.7 with Operator purchased as an add-on.

Updates for Ableton Live and FM8 are free so make sure you're running the most recent versions before opening the course downloads.
- You can update Ableton Live by hitting up the Help menu, then choosing “Check for Updates”
- FM8 can be updated using the new Native Access app here:

How long can I access the course for?

We got you. You will have lifetime access to the FM Synthesis Masterclass. You can go through it entirely at your own pace with no rush.

Are there any system or hardware requirements?

Yep, but just a few things. You’ll need a decently quick internet connection to steam HD videos, a modern computer capable of running Live, and we highly recommend a nice shot of espresso to keep you awake so you soak in all the synthesis tricks and techniques. Our site is optimized for the Google Chrome browser. Oh, and if you want to hear things properly, make sure you use professional monitor speakers or reference headphones.

Can I download the videos?

Downloading things is so last century. Who has the hard drive space anyways? Join us in the cloud and stream what you need, on demand. All our videos are mobile-friendly too, so you can check them out on your phone or tablet.

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