source code with giom

Source Code with Giom


Learn from a Beatport #1 producer:

  • Giom reveals his personal house music production secrets
  • Download his full Ableton Live 9 Suite project file, complete with samples, effects, Racks and more!
  • Discover essential techniques for house music producers – guaranteed

Did You Know Music Has Source Code?

At Warp Academy, we’re always experimenting with better ways to learn. Experimentation and innovation breed progress. In our insatiable desire to help you learn faster, we keep pushing the boundaries. Recently you’ve seen us launch a new multi-camera live-stream studio. This was a core step in being able to bring you a new form of music education. Now that’s in place, we can take an exciting LEAP forwards and catapult you towards your musical goals at terminal velocity!

We’re always meeting incredible, prolific producers out at events. These are some of the world’s most successful, preeminent electronic musicians. People that would be UNREAL to learn from. With the wealth of knowledge they have, one tiny shred of insight into their production could game-change your music. Almost every single one of these artists are interested in teaching and passing on knowledge. But something always stops them…TIME.

We went on the hunt for a solution, and an idea hit us like a ton of bricks. These celebrity producers are constantly touring. If we could catch them when they were playing a gig in town, and bring them out to Warp Academy Studios, we could host a live-stream with them!

We pitched the idea to some of these producers in our network and shared the concept with them. The answers were an overwhelming YES! Over several hours, they could take you on a rollercoaster journey through their special techniques and personal workflows. Using new emerging live-streaming tech, we could bring YOU, along with all the other members of our global community, together into a virtual classroom. We’re stoked to announce that things have come to fruition and we’re launching our first episode.


Pushing the Boundaries

In this BRAND NEW live-stream series we’ve invited a celebrity producer, Giom, into the studio and take you on a wild ride through one of his project files. We know from our research that seeing ideas in practice is a far more effective way to learn than just talking about them. These producers have incredible music that’s insanely valuable to take a look inside of. In the world of software coding, when you study the decompiled “source code”, you can learn from how the original programmers built it. You can peer into their mindset and adopt some of their techniques.

Source Code with Giom – An Introduction

Look Inside a #1 Beatport Producer’s Project File

This is a RARE and unique opportunity to brush shoulders with one of house music’s great minds. When you listen to a track, it’s often impossible to figure out how it was put together. At best, you’re guessing, shooting in the dark, seeking endlessly to create a similar vibe. Now you’ll get to actually see the REAL, legit project file of a brand new UNRELEASED track by GIOM. He’ll be there to walk you through every step, showing you EXACTLY how it was made!

What You’ll Learn

  • Giom’s personal workflows and trade secrets
  • Specific house music production techniques
  • What plugins he uses
  • How he sets up his Ableton production template
  • How to use his custom Racks and effects chains
  • Methods to process analog synths


Listen to First Ever Source Code Song: Love / Hate – Giom

What You Get

  1. 3 hours of recorded videos, with Giom: $300 value
    • A full walk-through of all aspects of the project file from start to finish
    • Includes a dedicated Q & A session with Giom
  2. The full Ableton Live project file for the song “Love / Hate” – $100 value including:
    • All recordings & samples used in the project
    • Custom Racks and effects chains created by Giom
    • Two versions of the project file:
      • An Ableton Live 9 Suite only version where 3rd party plugins have been bounced to audio. That way you can load the project even if you don’t have 3rd party plugins
      • A full plugins version
  3. Lifetime access to the videos!
  4. Student discounts of 20-60% off our partners and third party plugin providers! (includes FabFilter, iZotope, Xfer Serum Synth, Cableguys, Sugar-Bytes and more!)
    • You can save literally hundreds of dollars on plugins with deals we have from our partners. This can save you so much money that it effectively pays for this course and then some.


What People Are Saying

dmnw-photo-watermark“Incredibly interested in this idea. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for private lessons just like this. Deconstruction of electronic music is the most helpful way to learn new processes, techniques, and build facility. Really amazing idea here, props!” – Alexander, writer, Dance Music Northwest

Buy with Confidence with our Iron-clad 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Still on the fence? We’re so confident that this course will game-change your music that we’re willing to remove any possible downside for you. If this course doesn’t blow you away and deliver tons of improvements to your music, we’ll refund all your money. Our guarantee extends a full 60 days, twice what most companies offer.

Come sign up. You’ve literally got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

About Giom

Somewhere between West coast Deep House, classic French house and NuDisco lies the sound of Giom. And when you attend one of his energetic DJ sets, sample one of his many remixes or dance to one of his chart topping #1 singles, the message becomes clear: Giom is here to make you DANCE! Maybe that’s why the London-based Frenchman’s music has been supported by such an impressive list of the world’s best DJs. From Claptone to DJ Sneak, Green Velvet to Joey Negro, Jimpster to Mark Knight, Sharam Jey to Kolombo, it seems everybody needs a bit of the Giom sound in their DJ sets.

In the summer of 2014 his song Dr. Zapp went to #1 on the Beatport Indie/NuDisco Top 100 and has accumulated over 150k plays on Spotify alone. In 2015 Giom launched his own label Supremus Records which, as well as topping the Traxsource Deep House Top 100 for 3 consecutive weeks with its 2nd release has also gained support from the likes of Maya Jane Coles and Maceo Plex.

Giom has worked, released, toured and collaborated with the likes of Riva Starr, Joey Negro, Fred Everything, Loulou Records, Toolroom and Defected Records. He has also headlined and played at some of the world’s best clubs such as Fabric (London), Privilege (Ibiza), LIV (Buenos Aires), 360 (Dubai), performing in over 30 countries. Away from house music, Giom’s preferred spot is behind the drum kit, which has seen him touring and recording for the likes of Alice Russell, The Nextmen and Kasabian.


Listen to Giom

What skill level is this course?
All skill levels are welcome!

What software do I need?
This course features Giom working in Ableton Live 9, using some third party plugins. No third-party plugins are required, as we’ve made two versions of the project file available to you. A full version, complete with all the original plugins used by Giom, and an “Ableton only” version with the plugins removed. ($100 in value)

What version of Live do I need to use the project files?
The course and project files featured are built in Live 9 Suite.

What if I don’t have Live 9 Suite?
A demo of Live is available at, though be sure and wait until the course begins if you go this route as it will expire after 30 days.

Is this course applicable to my genre?
In a word – yes. This course is designed to demonstrate how to use the Live program, specifically showing how Giom put together his Love / Hate single. The skills and techniques used are applicable to any and all genres of music making. While the song that is created during the course is electronic in nature, the functionality of the program is equally pertinent for working in any genre of music production.

What if I don’t like the course?
We want you to be as excited about your course as we are. If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with it, we offer a no-hassle, no-BS, super easy 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Any time within the first 60 days after purchase we will refund your money.

How long can do I get access to watch the course videos?
You have lifetime access to this course materials and videos.

Can I download the course videos?
No we don’t offer downloading of the videos. The videos are available as on-demand streaming HD players that you can access from a computer or virtually any mobile device.

Are there any system requirements?
Yes, a broadband internet connection and computer are required. Minimum requirements are obviously the ability to run Ableton Live, so any computer with Mac OS 10.5 & Windows XP or newer should do just fine.

What 3rd party plugins does Giom use in his plugins version of the “Love/Hate” project file?

  • Antares Auto-tune EFX 3
  • Native Instruments Enhanced EQ
  • Native Instruments Monark
  • Native Instruments VC2A compressor
  • Native Instruments VC76 compressor
  • Soundtoys Echoboy
  • Surreal Machines’s Magnetic (Max4Live)
  • Valhalla Space Modulator
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb

What if I don’t have Giom’s 3rd party plugins?
That’s ok! There is an Ableton only version with all 3rd party plugins and effects bounced down to audio. You’ll need Ableton Live 9 Suite to open this project.

7 reviews for Source Code with Giom

  1. John Dawes

    Giom is an open book when it comes to sharing his knowledge, techniques, and creative process. Don’t miss out!

  2. Erick Cruz

    This first rendition of Source Code was a refreshing course. As Giom goes through and explains the track and creative process you begin to realize your not far off from where you need to be as a music creator. The small gems shared can be the most impactful. Giom is vulnerable throughout the Q & A and does not shy away from sharing insight. I recommend you join the next Source Code Live and take advantage of the Q & A with the producers, that in itself is worth the price of admission to me.

  3. Jonathan van Clute

    REALLY good session here. In fact I actually feel like I got more out of just having Giom walk through one of his tracks, than I often do with more full-blown “training” courses that last many times as long over weeks or months. I never found myself nodding off or getting bored, as it’s just so fascinating to see another pro producer actually walk through a real track in almost excruciating detail. Down to every single plugin, on every single sound… why every part is where it is, where the sounds came from (when he could remember! LOL)… it was all just excellent. So good in fact that as the webinar was wrapping up, I decided I had to go buy Giom’s previous class he taught for WarpAcademy not long ago. I had passed on it at the time because the style of music didn’t really grab me, but after hearing Love/Hate on this webinar (which I totally grooved on), and seeing how good Giom is about detailing everything he’s done and why… I knew that I wouldn’t regret grabbing the “Producing House Music in Live 9” course as well.

    This webinar is money very well spent, you’ll pick up a ton of useful little tidbits for sure!

  4. Kristen Gilbert

    This webinar is an essential for any house music producer! Giom has a clear and approachable teaching style. Source Code provides us with intimate details of how expert producers do what they do, hats off to Warp Academy for dreaming big and stepping into unchartered territory. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get the inside scoop from this talented and hard working producer!!

  5. Admin bar avatar

    Such a cool concept and a really informative dive into Giom’s production process. Really appreciated how he took his time dissecting each element of the track. He opened my eyes to the power of layering drums. Highly recommend this one for House music lovers. I will definitely check out his other course here at Warp. Thank you!

  6. Stanislav Gorelkov

    It is a very inspiring course where you can learn how a real pro works. And it is even more than that, you´ll get the Giom´s Ableton project file that you can study and experiment with as long as you wish. The whole concept of sharing this gold worth knowledge without holding something back is totally amazing. A very big thanks and kudos to you, Warp Academy!

  7. Torsten Krill

    After taking the very inspiring course “Producing House Music with Giom” it was a very nice and extremely useful roundup by following along Giom’s walkthrough of a fully produced track and receiving the complete projectfiles of it. Giom is a real passionate artist/musician/producer and his workflow and way of thinking about the whole process of musicmaking and -production is just a huge source of inspiration. And last but not least his sense of humor is brilliant.

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“This webinar is awesome!! Giom generously provides us all with his template, techniques and house wisdom about the intimate details of how he constructed this track. I’m a beginner producer and watched this with my friend, a 15 year veteran, and we both got tons out of this education session. Giom is clear, articulate, funny… money well spent indeed!!!” – Kristen Gilbert – July 24th 2017

“This course has changed the way I produce! I started with the 1st course that Giom did (Producing House Music in Live 9) and it blew my mind! I feel like Source code with Giom really compliments Producing House Music in Live 9 with Giom. This webinar was so cool cause you got to go into one of Giom’s Live sessions. You also get a copy of the full project file with everything in it so you can actually mess with it yourself!! Thanks Warp Academy for bringing Giom on board to share all his tricks and tips with us. I learned so much valuable information in this course. Hope to learn even more of Gioms Ninjaaa moves this year! Thanks again!” – Adam Hennessy – July 25th 2017

“Thank you Giom and Warp Academy, for this in-depth session, you really de-mystified the subtleties of what it takes to write a great drum line, and address how to keep a track vibing without adding too much. The Q&A really flushed out the meta game of song writing, the mentality required in order to approach a project and managing ones productivity. No short of insights in this intimate look through Giom’s creative process, Thanks again!” – Tim Dotchin – July 26th 2017