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The Warp Academy Project File Bundle


The Warp Academy team has joined forces to offer an INSANE bundle of our 6 most popular Ableton Live Project Files. The Project File Bundle is absolutely PACKED with never-before-shared sounds, processes, racks and powerful insights into the minds of established producers. Built by Ableton Certified Trainers: Vespers and Ian Gallagher, and sound design guru: Dan Larsson, yours for only $19!

The Warp Academy Project File Bundle

Our 6 most popular project files are now bundled together for the ultimate opportunity to take your musical productions to the next level. The amount you can learn by looking inside the Project files of these accomplished, career producers and Ableton Live Certified Trainers is astonishing. This bundle is absolutely PACKED (pun intended) with never-before-shared sounds, processes, racks and powerful insights into the minds of established producers.

Sample packs, synth presets, and templates are all great. But – they are all inherently limited. Few actually show you how to use them in action and write music. With synth presets, it’s up to you to write interesting MIDI patterns and then process and mix the synth sounds to get them to sound proper professional. With audio samples, they often sound great, but you never get to see how they were made. These Packs address both those issues.

Here’s the inside scoop on all 6 packs included in this EPIC bundle!

1) The Future Bass Project File by Dan Larsson

Synthesis & sound design expert by day, double O secret agent by night, Dan Larsson flexes the full power of his cutting-edge synthesis and sound design techniques to bring you Warp Academy’s Future Bass Project File. Selecting and sculpting from an arsenal of fresh and diverse techniques, the Future Bass Project File is guaranteed to offer new ways to synthesize sounds for your own music!

Most project files contain audio files from sample packs and you don’t get to see how anything is made. The Future Bass Project File reveals the full sound design process, showing you everything from initial synthesis through the entire, extensive chains of effects for all the main sounds. This is infinitely more valuable because it allows you to see the real process used by actual professional sound designers and learn from it.

Listen to the Future Bass Project File by Dan Larsson

A Walkthrough of the Future Bass Project File by Dan Larsson

2) The Hybrid Trap Project File by Dan Larsson

The infamously talented sound designer for Loopmasters, Dan Larsson, unleashes a fully-loaded sound design weapon: the Hybrid Trap Project File.

Glimpse critical insights into this emerging genre by deconstructing how the track was put together. At Warp Academy, we enjoy exposing the “source code” of music so you can learn faster and unveil pro-tips used by industry insiders.

Dan Larsson’s masterful use of sound design techniques are once again revealed in this brand new project file featuring sounds built in Serum, Operator, and Sampler to create dubstep style basses, leads, grime sounds, synth stabs, horns and FX. We guarantee it’ll inspire and encourage your future sound design projects!

Listen to the Hybrid Trap Project File by Dan Larsson

A Walkthrough of the Hybrid Trap Project File by Dan Larsson

3) The Slammin’ Future House Project File by Dan Larsson

A lethal, speaker-shattering weapon in sound design, Ableton Live’s FM synth, Operator, is flexed to the max in this collection of cutting-edge sounds. An arsenal of fresh and diverse big-room sounds awaits you in this deadly new project: Slammin’ Future House!

A rich collection of edgy synth presets and Racks that will turbo boost your library, Slammin’ Future House brings you searing leads, throbbing basses, deadly plucks, airy pads, big chords, and heavy percussion hits. True to the genre, this collection is jam-packed with everything you need to make insane drops and write brilliant tunes!

Watch the Making of Slammin’ Future House

4) In the Wild – Silverlight Project File by Vespers

Vespers’ has taken the ultimate step as an educator and made his full project files from his most recent EP available as invaluable teaching tools. He has unlocked his Silverlight track as downloadable Live Packs, made entirely using Live 9 and heavily leveraging new tools such as the infamous XFer Serum synth.

This is one of the most cutting-edge production tools Vespers has EVER released. You get to explore the full depth of the tune with the complete Project folder. Absolutely nothing is held back. Dig in deep and watch the entire process and workflow; from synthesis & sound design, to song structure & arrangement, to engineering and mixing & mastering.

Listen to Silverlight by Vespers

Watch the Making Of Silverlight

5) Run Thy Trap Vol. 1 – Project File by Ian Gallagher

Ian Gallagher drops a trap bomb! Perfect for all you trap, trap-step, and Dirty South addicts, “Run Thy Trap Vol.1 – Project File” is a fully loaded template that will put your productions on blast. This template comes tricked out with screaming 808 Drum Racks, dank Operator Leads and Pads, trunk-rattling basses, gangsta’ vocal Racks, and psycho sound effects.

A Walkthrough of Run Thy Trap Vol. 1 – Project File by Ian Gallagher

6) Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – Project File by Ian Gallagher

We didn’t think it was possible to get any danker, but our resident trap guru, Ian Gallagher (aka DJ IBG), has seriously one-upped himself with Run Thy Trap, Vol. 2 – Get Massive. And get Massive it does, in more ways than one.

You get Massive synth patches, audio samples, processing Racks, and FX presets, plus the full demo song so you can learn from the production skills of a true master.

Listen to Run Thy Trap Vol. 2 – Project File by Ian Gallagher


What if I only have Live 9 regular?

You need Live 9 Suite. The Future Bass and Hybrid Trap project files contain 2 versions of the project file. One version is labeled “No-VSTs” where anything using a third-party plugin was bounced to audio. The project has patches in Operator and Analog, so you’ll need Suite 9.

Can I use these sounds, Racks & synth patches in my own music royalty free?

Yes you can.  No worries there.  You can use all of these tools to write your own music and release it royalty-free.  You just can’t sell or give the source files, synth patches, audio samples etc. to another person.

What if I don’t have some of the synths or plugins?

That’s okay.  There is a “No-VSTs” version.  The synths and MIDI are provided as well, for users that have those plugins.  You get the best of both worlds.  Audio samples, and the full MIDI / synth patch source files.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?  

Sorry about that!  We’re here to help and we’re only an e-mail away.  Just hit us up at support and we’ll get back to you.  Cheers!


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