Producing with MIDI

Learn EVERYTHING there is to know about MIDI!

  • Have an in depth understanding of how to properly record and edit MIDI in Live.
  • Set up ANY MIDI controller device to work seamlessly with Live.
  • Master the MIDI Editor, MIDI Mapping and utilize a plethora of must-know keyboard shortcuts!

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4 hours 45 minutes

DAW Used

Live 8

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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) has been a standard in the industry for years and Producing with MIDI will take you from a newborn rattle shaking baby novice to Shaolin MIDI Monk Master in just 4.5 hours!

Producing with MIDI will unearth the secrets to MIDI data’s truly unlimited possibility, allowing you to flawlessly perfect your performance before it ever becomes audio.

Live makes it EASY for anyone to record MIDI, whether you have fancy hardware or not. If you want to master MIDI recording, MIDI editing and how to properly set up a MIDI controller in seconds, then Producing with MIDI is a no brainer!

Introduction to MIDI Recording

Why Register for Producing with MIDI?

Producing with MIDI is a fully loaded course with hyper focused educational lessons. Served to you on a silver platter by Ableton Certified Trainers and audio wizards with decades of combined experience in the industry. Each lesson is clearly defined and discussed in detail. Every HD video is to the point and taught with only the essential information you need to learn.

In this course we are going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about MIDI recording, MIDI editing, MIDI controller mapping, Slice to New MIDI track feature, MIDI latency in your system and much, much more…

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Have an in depth understanding of how to properly record and edit MIDI in Live
  • Deftly use the MIDI Editor, including a plethora of must-know keyboard shortcuts
  • Tighten and correct the groove of your MIDI patterns with Note Quantization
  • Give your MIDI patterns a human feel and swing by applying Grooves
  • Use Velocity to inject expression and dynamics into your MIDI notes
  • Set up any MIDI controller device to work seamlessly with Live
  • Use MIDI mapping to control any parameter in Live from an external MIDI controller
  • Open up a world of creative possibilities while you Chop up, affect and rearrange audio with the Slice to New MIDI Track feature
  • Understand what causes Latency, discover what preferences affect it, learn how to troubleshoot it, and how to optimize your interfaces for recording and live performance

Click on the Course Curriculum tab at the top of this window to see the entire list of topics covered.

Introduction to MIDI Editing

What You Get

  • Over 4.5 hours of HD video lessons from Ableton Certified Trainers and industry pros Ryan McCallister, Ian Gallagher and Isaac Cotec
  • Each video teaches a key core concept of Producing with MIDI in Live, clear and concise education
  • Student discount pricing (20-60% off) on third-party software from our partners!

About Your Instructors

A trifecta of Ableton Live Ninjas, all three instructors bring their A game to Producing with MIDI. Ryan McAllister is an experimental electronic musician and educator based in Vancouver, BC (Canada). Ian Gallagher is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, and actually wrote parts of the Ableton Live user manual!  Isaac Cotec began teaching recording techniques, sound design, and Ableton Live to private students. For over 5 years he’s helped producers step up their game and succeed as musicians. Combined they have years of combined experience as DJs, audio engineers, sound designers and producers.  For more info, check out their full trainer profiles:

Trainer Profile: Ryan McAllister

Trainer Profile: Ian Gallagher

Trainer Profile: Isaac Cotec

Course Requirements

  • Access to a computer with a broadband internet connection.
  • A working copy of Live 8/9 (standard) is recommended, although almost all of the course can be done with Live 9 Intro. Live 9 Suite is not required (but is a lot of extra fun!).
  • MIDI controller of any kind(recommended but not essential)
  • Headphones and/or studio monitors.

MIDI Recording

  • Overview
  • The Computer MIDI Keyboard
  • MIDI Track Routing
  • Recording MIDI
  • Overdubbing MIDI
  • Record Quantization
  • MIDI Track to Track Routing and Recording
  • MIDI Track to Track Tricks

MIDI Editing

  • MIDI Editing Overview
  • The MIDI Editor Overview
  • Start/End Markers and the Loop Brace
  • The MIDI Editor Grid
  • Interpreting MIDI Data
  • Draw Mode
  • Editing MIDI Notes
  • MIDI Clipboard Commands
  • MIDI Step Recording
  • Stretching MIDI Patterns
  • Note Quantization
  • Creating and Applying Grooves to MIDI
  • Editing Note Velocity
  • MIDI Clip Envelopes
  • Creating Tuplets in the MIDI Editor

MIDI Controller Mapping

  • Controller Mapping Overview
  • Keyboard Map Mode
  • MIDI Map Mode
  • The MIDI Mapping Browser
  • Recording Mapping Automation
  • Takeover Modes
  • Instant Mapping
  • Customized Instant Mapping

Slice to New MIDI Track

  • Introduction to Slice to New MIDI Track
  • Cropping Audio
  • Slice to New MIDI Track
  • Editing Slices
  • Making New Clips from Sliced Audio
  • Working with Slice to New MIDI Track

MIDI Controllers

  • MIDI Controllers Overview
  • Planning Your MIDI Studio Before You Buy
  • MIDI Keyboard Controllers
  • MIDI Drum Pad Controllers
  • MIDI Control Surfaces
  • Touch Screen MIDI Control Surfaces
  • Dedicated Ableton MIDI Control Surfaces

Understanding Latency

  • Introduction to Latency
  • Sound Card Latency
  • Live Preferences for Latency
  • Calculating Latency and Driver Error Compensation
  • Plug-in and Effect Latency
  • MIDI Latency
  • Mastering Latency Overview

What skill level is this course?
Beginner to intermediate. You don’t need to be a pro or know anything about Live, this course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Producing with MIDI in Live and get you familiarized with Live’s MIDI features.

Is this course applicable to my genre?
In a word – yes. The techniques we teach can be applied universally to virtually any electronic music genre.

How long can I access this course and the videos?
You have access to this course and the videos in your My Courses / My Library area for 12 full months after your purchase date.

Are there downloads or templates for this course?
No downloads for this course.

What if I don’t like the course?
We want you to be as excited about your course as we are. If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with it, we offer a no-hassle, no-BS, super easy 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Any time within the first 30 days after purchase we will refund your money.

What version of Live do I need to use the course?
This course is done in Live 8, and you can use either Live 8 or Live 9. All of these techniques can also be done in Live 9 Intro & Live 9 Suite. A demo of Live 9 is available at, though be sure and wait until the course begins if you go this route as it will expire after 30 days.

What if I have trouble viewing the streaming videos?
Important: To get the best experience, we highly recommend you use the most updated version of Google’s free Chrome browser. This functions best with our streaming video players: Google Chrome

Can I download the videos?
No, but you have full access to all the video content for 12 months after signing up. You can also access the videos from virtually any mobile device.

Are there any system requirements?
Yes, a broadband internet connection and computer are required. Minimum requirements are obviously the ability to run Ableton Live 8/9 so any computer with Mac OS 10.5 & Windows XP or newer should do just fine.


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$49.00 USD

Additional information

Video Episodes


Total Length

4 hours 45 minutes

DAW Used

Live 8

Skill Level