Payment Plan: Serum Jumpstart: Sound Design Masterclass

  • The absolute FASTEST way to master the world’s most powerful synth
  • Finally make the sounds you hear in your head with CONFIDENCE
  • Carve out your own signature sound as a producer
  • Become a Serum power user and run circles around other producers who only learned on Youtube
  • Make sound design your new superpower
  • Reach your full potential and make music you’re truly PROUD OF

$79.00 USD / month for 3 months

Additional information

Total Length

12.5 Hours+

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate


– Ableton Live Project Files
– Serum Presets, Wavetables & Noises


Get Serum Jumpstart (+all 8 bonuses!) now for only $79

This payment plan allows you to get Serum Jumpstart with instant access + all 8 bonuses right now for only $79.  With this option, you get set up with a simple, 3-step payment plan (no financing or credit checks required).

You sign up for a payment of $79* today, then make 2 more recurring payments of $79* spaced 30 days apart.  After that, the Masterclass is fully paid off and you have lifetime access.  You can use PayPal or any major credit card.

*Note: We believe in total transparency and honesty.  Please note that the payments include a small extra fee for setting up and processing the payment plan.  This is to make up for the extra administration costs, book keeping / accounting costs to track the payments, and multiple transaction fees from our payment processors (Stripe & PayPal).  The total cost of Serum Jumpstart without the payment plan is $199.  The total cost of the 3 x $79 payment plan is $237.

What Makes Serum Jumpstart Different? 

Our goal is to have sound design become your new SUPERPOWER, so we spent months researching the best way to learn this difficult, but essential skill.  You see, it wasn’t enough for us to make “just another course” on Serum.  This needed to be an absolute masterpiece, and anything less was unacceptable.  

We studied how people best learn new languages and complex skills.  Our research took us on a wild journey! It revealed special techniques to hack the learning curve and ensure that what you’re learning is stored in long-term memory.  It’s not what you learn, but what you can REMEMBER, that matters.

It wasn’t easy building a Masterclass to these standards.  Serum Jumpstart took us over 4 times longer to build than a regular course.  Why? Read on friend…



Serum Jumpstart uses a cutting-edge format called “micro-learning” where each video is a bite-sized chunk (5 minutes or less) and only on a single, focused topic.  This means you can easily crush a couple of videos and make real progress towards your goal – even when you only have a few moments.

Spaced Repetition

This Masterclass uses another special ninja-technique called “spaced repetition”.  Key information is given to you not once, but FOUR times. This means that going through the course only once gives you as much knowledge as going through another regular course four times over.  It helps the information sink in faster and more deeply for long-term recall.

All 3 Styles of Learning

We also discovered that your brain stores memories in three ways: seeing something, hearing something, and then doing it.  When you integrate all three of these learning styles, you maximize the number of neural pathways you’re building and the memory is “stickier”.  

In Serum Jumpstart, we use a special combination of video instruction, audio examples, and – most importantly – specific and structured practice exercises.  This activates all three styles of learning and builds the strongest memories.

Find Exactly What You’re Looking for with “Search this Course”

Finally, we wanted the Masterclass to be an incredibly valuable reference tool as you go forward with your sound design.  We have a special search function that goes through the videos in Serum Jumpstart to find EXACTLY what you need. Videos aren’t normally searchable, and you usually have to wade through a bunch of rambling and buffering to find what you want.  In our system, each video is on a single topic, and is specially tagged so the search locks in on what you’re looking for like a heatseeker missile!

Learn Faster & Remember More

Bottom line?  All these hacks accelerate learning, increase understanding, and activate new neural pathways in your brain.  You’ll learn more about sound design in Serum, faster, and more completely than any other course.  

You’ll also know with confidence that you’ll remember what you’re learning and be able to apply it when it counts in the studio.  We’re so sure of this that we guarantee it.  If you don’t get these results within 60 days, we’ll fully refund you.  

Is Serum Jumpstart Right for You?  

Let us ask you this…

  • Have you spent WAY too much time spinning your wheels, not being able to make music you’re proud of?
  • Does your music lack a “signature sound” like other producers seem to have?    
  • Do you hear killer sounds in your head, but struggle to make them in the studio?  
  • Do you lack confidence in your sound design or find it frustrating?    
  • Are you ready to get serious about production and close the gap between you and your favorite producers?  
  • Are you ready to finally become the quality of producer you know you’re capable of and reach your full potential?  

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this is EXACTLY why we built the Serum Jumpstart Sound Design Masterclass.  It’s so much more than an “online course”. It’s a complete system to transform your skills as a sound designer.


Preview #1:Building a Bass Preset with FM

Preview #2:“Do This Now” | How We Help Put Your New Skills To Work

Preview #3: How Wavetables Work In Serum

Preview #4: All The Distortion Types In Serum’s FX Section

The Full Curriculum

Lesson 1.1 | Introduction to Your Trainers
Lesson 1.2 | How to get the most out of this course
Lesson 1.3 | Serum Jumpstart Overview
Lesson 2.1 | Overview
Lesson 2.2 | Optimizing CPU Usage
Lesson 2.3 | Introduction to Wavetables
Lesson 2.4 | Introduction to Modulation
Lesson 2.5 | Look and Feel (custom skin)
Lesson 2.6 | Oscillator Page pt 1
Lesson 2.7 | Oscillator Page pt 2
Lesson 2.8 | Voicing Settings
Lesson 2.9 | Fx Page
Lesson 2.10 | Serum FX
Lesson 2.11 | Mod Matrix Window
Lesson 2.12 | Global Tab
Lesson 2.13 | Main Menu
Lesson 2.14 | Saving and Loading in Serum
Lesson 2.15 | Building Your First Bass pt 1
Lesson 2.16 | Building Your First Bass pt 2
Lesson 2.17 | Building Your First Bass pt 3
Lesson 2.18 | Do This Now – Building Your First Bass
Lesson 2.19 | Building Your First Lead pt 1
Lesson 2.20 | Building Your First Lead pt 2
Lesson 2.21 | Building Your First Lead pt 3
Lesson 2.22 | Do This Now – Building Your First Lead
Lesson 2.23 | Building Your First Pad pt 1
Lesson 2.24 | Building Your First Pad pt 2
Lesson 2.25 | Building Your First Pad pt 3
Lesson 2.26 | Do This Now – Building your First Pad
Lesson 2.27 | Building your first Perc pt 1
Lesson 2.28 | Building your first Perc pt 2
Lesson 2.29 | Building your first Perc pt 3
Lesson 2.30 | Review
Lesson 2.31 | Do This Now
Lesson 3.1: Overview
Lesson 3.2 | Loading Your Waveform
Lesson 3.3 | Osc. A & B Pitch Controls
Lesson 3.4 | Unison Controls
Lesson 3.5 | Phase and Random
Lesson 3.6 | WT Position Knob
Lesson 3.7 | Warping Engine
Lesson 3.8 | Pan and Level
Lesson 3.9 | Building a Preset with Unison, WT Position and Warping Engine
Lesson 3.10 | Review
Lesson 3.11 | Do This Now
Lesson 4.1 | Overview
Lesson 4.2 | Sub Oscillator
Lesson 4.3 | Noise Oscillator
Lesson 4.4 | Building a Preset with Sub and Noise Osc. pt 1
Lesson 4.5 | Building a Preset with Sub and Noise Osc. pt 2
Lesson 4.6 | Review
Lesson 4.7 | Do This Now
Lesson 5.1 | Overview
Lesson 5.2 | Routing and Key Tracker
Lesson 5.3 | Normal Filters
Lesson 5.4 | Multi Filters
Lesson 5.5 | Flange Filters
Lesson 5.6 | Misc Filters
Lesson 5.7 | Filter Parameters
Lesson 5.8 | Choosing the right filter
Lesson 5.9 | Building a Preset with filters
Lesson 5.10 | Hidden filter features (viewing phase and level-mix)
Lesson 5.11 | Review
Lesson 5.12 | Do This Now
Lesson 6.1 | Overview
Lesson 6.2 | Saving and Loading FX Modules and Chains
Lesson 6.3 | Hyper/Dimension
Lesson 6.4 | Distortion pt 1
Lesson 6.5 | Distortion pt 2
Lesson 6.6 | Flanger
Lesson 6.7 | Phaser
Lesson 6.8 | Chorus
Lesson 6.9 | Delay
Lesson 6.10 | Compressor
Lesson 6.11 | Reverb
Lesson 6.12 | EQ
Lesson 6.13 | Filter
Lesson 6.14 | Review
Lesson 6.15 | Do this Now
Lesson 7.1 | Overview
Lesson 7.2 | Modulation Sources (overview)
Lesson 7.3 | Envelopes
Lesson 7.4 | LFO parameters
Lesson 7.5 | LFO | drawing shapes
Lesson 7.6 | LFO looping envelope
Lesson 7.7 | LFO saving and loading shapes
Lesson 7.8 | Mod Wheel
Lesson 7.9 | Macros
Lesson 7.10 | Pitch Wheel
Lesson 7.11 | Velocity
Lesson 7.12 | Note | Key Scaling
Lesson 7.13 | Modulation Destinations
Lesson 7.14 | How to assign modulation
Lesson 7.15 | How to edit modulation
Lesson 7.16 | Mouse over tool
Lesson 7.17 | Review
Lesson 7.18 | Do this now
Lesson 8.1 | Overview
Lesson 8.2 | FM Synthesis
Lesson 8.3 | AM Synthesis
Lesson 8.4 | Ring modulation
Lesson 8.5 | FM noise oscillator
Lesson 8.6 | FM sub oscillator
Lesson 8.7 | Building a preset with Audio Rate Modulation
Lesson 8.8 | Review
Lesson 8.9 | Do This Now
Lesson 9.1 | Overview
Lesson 9.2 | Standard use of Mod Matrix
Lesson 9.3 | Aux Sources
Lesson 9.4 | Aftertouch & Poly aftertouch
Lesson 9.5 | Noise Osc Modulation
Lesson 9.6 | NoteOn Rand & Note on Alt
Lesson 9.7 | Global Destinations
Lesson 9.8 | Review
Lesson 9.9 | Do This Now
Lesson 10.1 | Overview
Lesson 10.2 | Preferences
Lesson 10.3 | Unison Settings
Lesson 10.4 | Oscillator Settings
Lesson 10.5 | Chaos Modulation
Lesson 10.6 | Review
Lesson 10.7 | Do This Now
Lesson 11.1 | Overview
Lesson 11.2 | Introduction to Wavetable Editor
Lesson 11.3 | Drawing Wavetables
Lesson 11.4 | Importing Audio into Wavetable Editor
Lesson 11.5 | Cleaning up wavetables
Lesson 11.6 | Using FFT and bins
Lesson 11.7 | Processing frames and wavetables using menu options
Lesson 11.8 | Using the Formula Parser
Lesson 11.9 | Rendering and Resampling
Lesson 11.10 | Review
Lesson 11.11 | Do This Now
Lesson 12.1 | Overview
Lesson 12.2 | Reverse Engineering | FX Page
Lesson 12.3 | Reverse Engineering | Oscillator Page
Lesson 12.4 | Macros and Mod Wheel
Lesson 12.5 | The Rebuild – Part 1
Lesson 12.6 | The Rebuild – Part 2
Lesson 12.7 | Review
Lesson 12.8 | Do This Now
Lesson 13.1 | Final Review



BigJerr is a nothing short of a true leader in the music production community. As an Ableton Certified Trainer and more than 6 years of professional teaching experience at collectives such as Evenant, Cymatic AcademyFM, Garnish Music and Icon Collective,

you can sure BigJerr delivers only the most cutting-edge and relevant production practices.

In addition to teaching, the BigJerr releases finger drumming performance videos that have received recent support from DJTechTools.  Finally, BigJerr pushes the boundaries of bass music with his wildly inventive and original concept brand “SCARlit”, mixing modern Bass music with dropped 9 string guitar metal sounds.

Check out BigJerr’s production

Dan Larsson

We chose Dan Larsson as one of the hosts of this Masterclass because he specializes in Serum, specifically. He’s a stone-cold

sound design guru.Dan has a perfect set of qualities you want in a teacher:

  • He’s a master sound designer with Serum, among many other synthesizers;
  • He’s a great teacher with a passion for sharing his knowledge;
  • He does this successfully as a full-time, career sound designer; and,
  • His own production is world-class

Dan is a weapon on Loopmasters. He’s produced an impressive catalog of some of their most popular sound banks. We’re deeply grateful he’s chosen to share his knowledge with you and we’re beyond stoked for you tap into this uber-powerful sound design tool. Check out Dan’s production


  • 12+ hours of expert video instruction from 2 professional sound designers
  • Over 140 videos
  • More than 40 custom Serum presets & wavetables
  • 5 Ableton Project files to follow along with the Modules & Lessons
  • 100 bonus Serum presets & 30 wavetables
  • A bonus sample pack with 100 drum loops, FX, vocals & one shots
  • 2 bonus live-streams on advanced wavetable building
  • Opportunities to get personalized feedback on your sound design
  • A featured producer profile on Warp Academy


You can start as a beginner and end up a pro.  Serum Jumpstart is a complete and comprehensive Masterclass.  It begins with the absolute basics, perfect if you’re a total beginner or you want to refresh on the fundamentals.  Then it goes all the way up and helps you build the skill set of an advanced sound designer. All the ninja tricks and professional tips to make you a total power user.  

The sound design skills you’ll learn in this Masterclass are easily applicable to any genre.  One of the major abilities you’ll develop is how to confidently make all the sounds you hear in your head.
    1. Serum is the only necessary plugin.
      1. To use the Serum presets you’ll need xFer Serum version 1.215 or later.  
    2. If you’re an Ableton Live user, we’ve included project files for you to follow along with the Lessons.  
      1. To open the included project files, you’ll need Ableton Live 10.0.5 or later.
No problem.  If you’re not completely happy with Serum Jumpstart, we have a 60 day refund guarantee.  Just contact our support and we’ll return all your money.


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$79.00 USD / month for 3 months

Additional information

Total Length

12.5 Hours+

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate


– Ableton Live Project Files
– Serum Presets, Wavetables & Noises