Phase Plan Synth Plugin

Kilohearts Phase Plant Synth + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL Bundle


Endless Possibilities.

Add the entire range of non-premium effects to your collection with this bundle.  All effects are available as separate plugins as well as snapins that you can use in Phase Plant.

Toolbox PROFESSIONAL Includes:

Bitcrush, Comb Filter, Ensemble, Flanger, Formant Filter, Frequency Shifter, Gate, Haas, Ladder Filter, Phase Distortion, Pitch Shifter, Resonator, Reverser, Ring Mod, Tape Stop, Trance Gate, Transient Shaper (as VST/AU/AAX and Snapin).  Note that all factory and third-party presets will work regardless of which effects you own.




Phase Plant Generators

Four types of signal generation.

Phase Plant offers four signal generators. You can add as many as you like and route them freely between each other. There are several types of utility modules to allow you even greater freedom in designing your sound such as groups, mixing, and aux options.

For each group you can add an output module to send the sound to the effects chain, or you can use a group only as a modulation source for FMing any other generator.

That’s right, Phase Plant allows for frequency modulation between all types of signal generation! Watch the video below to see how it works.

Your full effect chain in the preset.

The snapin concept allows you to use the easy-to-use effects you know and love from the Kilohearts Toolbox as building blocks within your Phase Plant preset. In true modular fashion you simply add the snapins you need in up to three lanes and mix the lanes individually.

Don’t miss the “Poly” toggle at the top of each lane. It allows you to apply all the effects in a lane to each voice individually, even giving each voice unique random values from the Random modulator etc.


Phase Plant Complex Preset


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