Free Music Production Webinar Series | Warp Academy Fall 2014 Symposium

Over 3 weekends this Fall we have an amazing set of free live webinars for you – thats right, free!


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Welcome Warpers!

Over 3 weekends this fall we have an amazing set of free live music production webinars for you – thats right, free!

Join us – no need for a Credit Card or payment of any sort other than karmic high-fives!  We don’t work with partners so all you’ll ever get is friendly messages from us and more free schwag down the road.

Over 9 sessions, our instructors and guests will tackle many topics from setting up your home studio, to DJing, to sound design, synthesis, mixing, mastering, and beyond.  Attend one, attend em all, learn heavy production techniques from nimble Ableton ninjas in this epic Symposium!

The Workshops:

Week 1 | November 22nd, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST

11AM PST – Setting Up Your Home Studio | Jake Perrine and Scott Colburn

jakedt.common.streams.StreamServerYour home studio is your laboratory for realizing your sonic dreams.  But how do you know that what you’re playing is what you’re hearing?  Can you trust what your speakers are telling you, or are they misinforming you?  Will my mix sound the same out in the world as it does in my studio?  How do I set up my room for the best possible results?  What gear is essential and where does it go?  All these topics and more will be covered.  Lead Trainer Jake Perrine interviews Scott Colburn–veteran recording / mixing engineer, and author of the Practical Studio Construction website and DVD—to discuss acoustic principles and best practices as they relate to home studios.


12PM PST – Mixing and Mastering in the 21st Century  | Jake Perrine and Erik “Tarekith” Magrini

jakeerikAs technology continues to advance, so do the practices for delivery in the audio industry.  With many producers working entirely on their own, how do we deliver the highest quality product we can?  Are CDs relevant?  What about the MP3 and the many online portals for distribution?  Are there any standards we should be following?  Lead Trainer Jake Perrine hosts a conversation with Erik “Tarekith” Magrini, owner and operator of Inner Portal Studio to help you navigate the many pitfalls of mixing and mastering your own music.


1PM PST – Harmonic Composing and Mixing | David Starfire

davidstarfireWe’re very excited to announce guest presenter David Starfire. His blend of organic and electronic sounds is legendary and he’s going to share some of his trade secrets. Being conscious of the frequency spectrum with the various elements in your track can make the difference between a mess and a masterpiece. David will uncover the theory and concepts behind his musical wizardry as he spills the beans on the intentional harmonic placement of each element in his songs.

We’d also like to give huge props to a Kickstarter Campaign David is running to raise funds to write an album to support Burmese refugees in Thailand. By donating to this campaign, you can support the album, which will in turn donate proceeds to these fellow humans in need. You can also win rewards like Skype lessons with David himself! Check it out.

David Starfire


Week 2 | Nov 29th, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST

Creative Vocal Processing | Myagi

andrewWe talk a lot about bass and synths, but what about those vocal bits? You know, the ones that people get in their heads like earworms and sing for days after hearing ’em?

Myagi, remixer for groups like The Crystal Method, Si Begg, and many more will walk you through a ton of awesome techniques designed to get your vocal hooks to pop out of the mix and blow minds!


The Modular Approach | Myagi

andrewSynthesizers like Analog or Operator are amazing, but really, it’s only by treating them like part of an instrument that you get full milage out of Lives interface.

Synth Master and creator of the “Art Of Synthesis” Myagi will walk you through his “modular approach,” explaining how to integrate effects into your Instrument Racks in super precise ways to get the biggest sounds you can.


Performing with Live – From DJing to Live Fusion | Isaac Cotec & Ian Gallagher

isaacianOne of the strongest features of Ableton Live is it’s ability to be used for live performance. Because of how robust Live is, there is a sea of possibilities for setting up your live set. You can create a DJ set with 2 decks, DJ set with loops for live remixes, even up to a fully live set based on live looping. Each setup has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. In this presentation Ableton Live Certified Trainer Isaac Cotec will walk you through the different possible paths to your live set. He has performed with live over the last 7 years and has distilled his knowledge working with bands, DJ’s, and electronic music producers to give you a deep look at what is possible with using Ableton Live for your Live Set.


 Building Your Live Performance Set | Vespers

Vespers Avatar B&WJoin Vespers on this adventure into the realm of Live set construction. An innovative and engaging live performance is essential to rocking a dance floor. Live has a tremendous number of possibilities that Vespers has been exploring for years, pushing it to it’s limits. We’ll cover things like organizing your tracks for in-key mixes, cutting-edge ways to seamlessly mix between genres and tracks of wildly different tempos, setting up Looper, using custom Racks with banks of effects, momentary glitch and special FX, using MIDI controllers for that “hands on” feel, and integrating live instruments. Vespers will be demoing this all inside his own live set from The Grove Stage at Shambhala Music Festival this past summer.

Week 3 | Dec 6th, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST

So You Wanna “Make It” in the Music Biz? | Nick Middleton (The Funk Hunters & Westwood Recordings)

nick+bg3-800x800Artist development, building a career, getting gigs, finding management and representation, releasing and promoting your music… there are many paths and many options and it can be hard to know where to start. Nick Middleton (DJ/Producer/Engineer/Label Owner) from The Funk Hunters and Westwood Recordings, joins us to give you the lay of the land and essential tips. The Funk Hunters are some of the West Coast’s most successful touring artists, headlining the largest festivals across Canada and the US, and touring throughout Europe, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and more. Between assembling a full live band, fusing their stage show with live and electronic music, doing official remixes for the likes of Opiuo and Dub FX, producing albums for Canadian bands like Delhi 2 Dublin, and running his own successful record label, Nick has a TON of experience to offer. In addition to this interview-style presentation, Nick will also be fielding audience questions on everything from production secrets to career advice. Don’t miss your shot at a bright career! Get the tips from a true pro.

Westwood Recordings / The Funk Hunters


Next Level Sound Design | Real Cardinal (Comaduster)

artworks-000080820514-368kuo-t500x500Join Real Cardinal (aka Comaduster) for an action-packed, white-knuckled journey into next level sound design. Learn how the sounds in sample packs, movies, TV and video games are made! Real is an expert sound designer who’s done video game sound design with Bioware, work with XGen Studios, and has been a recording arts instructor at Powersound Studios. He’s hands down one of the most talented, innovative, cutting-edge sound designers in the industry. His music speaks for itself. Take a listen on his Soundcloud.


Exploring Serum Synth with it’s Creator | Steve Duda, XFer Records


Serum is, without a doubt, the most epic soft-synth release since Massive. Meet the man behind the machine, Steve Duda, owner of the infamous XFer Records. The synth Steve wanted didn’t exist, so he made it, and it’s been taking the world by storm. Join Steve as walks us through the making of Serum, what inspired it, pro-tips, special features, and what’s in store for the future. Steve will also be taking questions during an interactive period. Not to be missed!

And as a bonus, during the webinars, we will be giving away over $1000 of free Courses!  You only need to attend to be eligible to win!

How do I get access?

These Webinars use the GoToWebinar platform for interaction. After purchase you will be able to register for the webinar. Once registered, you will be emailed instructions on how to join the Webinar when the time comes.

Ok – then what?  What do I need to do?

Please feel free to join the webinar up to 15 minutes or so in advance to test your audio and internet connection. You will need a computer with a microphone in order to ask questions. A headset with headphones and a microphone—such as iPhone headphones—are highly encouraged to prevent feedback and for ease of use.

How can I interact?

We ask questions in a round robin style – everyone gets their moment in the sun.  If you don’t want to ask anything thats totally fine.  Other students will be bringing up topics you may not have thought about yet!

I’m excited – how can I make sure I get the most out of this webinar series?

Please write down your questions in advance, and try to keep your questions focused on the week’s topic. These sessions will be recorded and posted afterwards for your review in case you miss one.


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