Want 50% OFF?

One of the key ingredients to be able to make quality music is having a solid library of sounds to work from.  At Warp HQ, we’re always on the hunt for amazing sound banks that we can recommend for you.

Today we’re super stoked to announce that, not only have we found some INCREDIBLE new sounds, we’ve also been able to negotiate a 50% discount for you!  

We love Black Octopus and it’s important to us to rep companies we think are doing GREAT work.  If we can help you get a sweet deal on world-class sounds, while simultaneously supporting a company that deserves the recognition, it gives us the “good feels”.  


Quality comes first

There are thousands of sample packs out there, and honestly, a lot of them are pretty “blah”.  Remember the old axiom, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

It’s a huge deal for us to make sure we can stand behind anything we recommend.  That’s why we’ve handpicked these sound banks for you.


How to get your 50% discount

Today, we’ve got a roundup of some killer packs to amp up your beats and give you fresh sounds.  We’ve been using these sounds in our own music, and highly recommend them:



Leviathan 1 and Leviathan 2 (50% off)

The most comprehensive and insane collections of modern, hard-hitting, tuned drums.  Plus an onslaught of every other killer sound you need to make professional sounding tracks.  

Leviathan 1: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/leviathan-royalty-free-sample-pack/

Leviathan 2: https://www.warpacademy.com/store/leviathan-2/   


Behemoth (50% off)

Get ready for Behemoth, an absolutely massive pack of drum hits and FX samples. This pack features nearly 4000 searing hot drum samples from the mind of Paradigm Theorem and is guaranteed to cut through mixes like fire. https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/behemoth/


Futuristic Trap Drums Vol 1 (50% off)

Looking for that one-stop pack of blasting drums and blazing 808s to get your new tune lit? Look no further! Slam those club systems with Futuristic Trap Drums Vol 1! This is not a pack for the lightweights. We are talking HEAVY bass, drum one shots and presets that will take your Trap game to the next level. https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/black-octopus-sound-doom-of-doom-futuristic-trap-drums-vol-1/  


Monster Kicks (50% off)

A premium library of 128 monster kick drum samples suitable for all kinds of electronic music. These drum samples have been sculpted from the ground up and crafted with expert precision using refined synthesis and sampling techniques. https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/monster-kick-drum/  



Echoes by Holly Drummond [50% off]

Black Octopus teams up with vocalist Holly Drummond for an absolutely breathtaking collection of royalty free vocals. Echoes includes song construction kits, atmospheres, spoken words, phrases, chopped edits, breaths, and single tones.

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/echoes/


Zara Taylor In Pieces [50% off]

This vocal sample pack is an inspiring journey through 12 versatile songs and is packed full of extras for music producers of all genres.  Each song is labeled with key & tempo information and comes with a MIDI & reference file to get up and running immediately.

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/black-octopus-sound-zara-taylor-in-pieces/   


Siren by Veela [50% off]

Step into the world of Veela with this extravagant 1GB sample pack of high quality vocal samples. There is nothing quite like finding the right vocal for a track and with Siren you are given a collection of vocals that range from beautiful, angelic, and haunting from this sought after vocalist.

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/siren-by-veela/  


Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions + Banshee [50% off]

Discover top quality vocal samples from skilled vocalist and gem of Canada, Cory Friesenhan. These massive royalty free vocal sample packs contain songs in various tempos to suit all kinds of electronic music.

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/cory-friesenhan-vocal-sessions/  

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/cory-friesenhan-vocal-sessions-2-banshee/   


Urban Vocals [50% off]

Step up your game with the brand new vocals of David “Hi-Def” Tuscher, ranging from singing to rapping and have that raw and energetic flow that you want in Hip-Hop, Drill, Trap and R&B.

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/production-master-urban-vocals/  


UK Grime Hip Hop & Trap Vocals [50% off]

Ruff, rugged and raw. “UK Hip-Hop, Grime & Trap Vocals” is here! Get busy with 11 fully stemmed out songs with that original UK vibe. From aggressive gangster style to laid-back hiphop, this pack is ready to blow the roof off!

Link: https://www.warpacademy.com/shop/production-master-uk-hip-hop-grime-trap-vocals/  


Stay Tuned, We’ll be Featuring More Packs Shortly!

Every few days we’ll be releasing a few more packs on sale. We’ve grouped them together into themes, so stay tuned!


Vespers + The Warp Team