Hey Guys, how’s it going? My name is Kermode!

I’m an Ableton teacher at Ableton Certified School Harbourside IT in Vancouver BC. Im also a content creator, educator and sound designer at Cymatics.fm and a musician with releases on labels such as MalLabel Music and Gravitas Recordings.

Today I have a really special tutorial for you guys, I’m going to show you how you can separate both the transient and body of your drum, using a Gate.

In this tutorial I build a Ableton Live Rack built exclusively with Ableton Live devices. It will save you from purchasing expensive third party transient shapers, and I’ll show you how it can even do things most transient shapers can’t, like process the transient and body of a drum separately. I’ve made this Rack available for free download at the top of this blog post so you can use it in your own tunes! Simply enter your email address and it’s yours!

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