Use your Points to buy (or reduce the cost of) things like Courses, Webinars and stuff in the Store.

Each Point is worth a dollar, so if you have 100 Points, you can either buy something worth $100 outright, or reduce something that’s, say, $199 to $99 ($199 – 100 Points = $99 in cash = math = you paid attention in school).

As a Producer member, each month we’ll hook you up with 10 Points.  That’s basically half of what you pay for your membership back to you, like savings in a bank account.

The Points build up over time and make it way easier to learn more, faster, by pitching in towards other things that’ll help your music.  Points can also be given to you as a one-time bonus for things like writing a review of a course.




How Many Points Do I Get And When?

  • Producer members: 10 Point every month.  Booya.
  • Writing a review: 2 Points, one-time, as soon as your review is approved.
  • Signing up for a Free membership: 5 Points, one-time, instantly upon signup.

How Do I Get Points?

Producer members automatically get 10 Points every month.  You can also build up Points even if you’re not a Producer member, by doing things like writing a review of a product or signing up for a Free membership.


What Is A Point Worth?

Each Point is worth $1.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Where Can I See My Points?

You can easily track and view your Points by going to:

My Account -> My Dashboard


How Can I Use Them?

You can use your Points towards Courses and Webinars, as well as on things like Packs and Templates in the Store.

When you put something in your shopping cart and go through checkout, you’ll be given the option to “Use Points”.  Points will reduce the price of whatever you’re buying just like a coupon would.  You can use a mix of points and dollars if you want.


Do They Ever Expire?

Nope.  None of that lame “use ’em or lose ’em” attitude round here.


Can I Use My Warp Academy Points At Other Places?

That’s a most excellent question.  Although we don’t, as of yet, have any official relationships set up where you can use your Warp Points, we do encourage you to try.

For example, when you’re out for dinner, you could ask your server if you can pay with Warp Points.  Or maybe you owe your parents money, and instead give them Warp Points.  Who knows, maybe they’ll say yes?  If you never try, you’ll never know…  If you successfully use your Warp Points somewhere other than Warp Academy, film it, send it to us, and as your prize as a top notch negotiator, we’ll probably give you more Points.


Are There Any Restrictions?

We keep it pretty wide open as we really want you to get a lot of value out of the Points.  However, Points cannot be used for a Producer Membership.

Because that’s where the Points come from in the first place and if we used Points to buy something that generates more points, a wormhole would erupt through the space-time continuum and devour the Warp Academy site and the entire universe along with it.  

We sometimes sell goodies from third parties, like sample packs or software.  In this case Points would not be able to be used.