Get up to speed in Live 10 with Warp 10!

Hey what is up everyone!

Aaron here with Warp Academy. In this video I’m going to show you how you can use Ableton 10’s new device Pedal, to add more impact and presence to your recordings.
Pedal emulates the sound of familiar analog guitar pedals, but this dynamic device can also add presence and energy to vocals, crush drum beats and blitz your bass.

I’ll walk you through the three pedal types:

  1. Overdrive: Which sounds like a slightly overdriven tube amp.
  2. Distortion: Which is tight and aggressive.
  3. Fuzz: Which sounds heavy and broken but much brighter than both the Distort and the Overdrive settings.
We’ll go over all the adjustable parameters of the device and how you can build anticipation and add energy to your production with Pedal.

Happy music making!

Aaron and the Warp Team