Using the Ozone 7 Vintage Limiter

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Completing this 4 part series featuring Ozone 7’s devices is the Vintage Limiter. Watch part 1, part 2 and part 3.

The very capable Maximizer module has been the de facto gold standard for software master bus final limiting for years, and the Ozone 7 version of it got some great new features.

But the Maximizer now has a compatriot in the Vintage Limiter, an entirely new module based on the “Tube” mode found in previous versions of Maximizer.

Inspired by the Fairchild 670 hardware limiter, this module is intended for applications where a less aggressive, warm, smooth dynamic limiting is desired. Think downtempo and ambient – not your go-to Dubstep crusher.

And its not just for the master bus! In this video, Warp Academy Lead Trainer Jake Perrine walks you through using the Ozone 7 Vintage Limiter on a hip-hop sample.

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Jake Perrine has been a music and education enthusiast all his life. He began composing electronic "bleeps and bloops" in 1984 on an Apple II+. He honed his audio chops as an audio engineer for RealNetworks, pioneering over 200 webcasts of prestigious events such as The Tibetan Freedom Concert, The Intel NY New Music Festival, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Backstreet Boys, U2, and countless others.  His first rock musical work, “VAMP – Consumption in Three Acts,” was performed at the Lamb’s Theatre in Times Square in 2001. He taught audio production at The Art Institute of Seattle for over a decade. He was deeply involved with the Oracle Gatherings, as a tarot reader, DJ, musician, performer, sound designer, director, technical director, and ultimately as managing director. Jake has been a house mastering engineer at Seattle’s prestigious RFI/CD mastering studio where he mastered over 200 CD projects of musicians from around the world. Jake has self-produced electronic music under the project heading “Spire,” showcasing his songwriting, performance and engineering skills, and is one half of the duo Bloom with Michael Maricle. Since 2010, Jake has written three books on Ableton Live for Hal Leonard publishing.  He is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. It was at his Live Certification in Seattle that Jake met Vespers, and the seeds of Warp Academy were planted. As Lead Trainer for Warp Academy, Jake has imagined and guided the creation of Warp Academy's ever-expanding curriculum.