Hey everyone! We’ve got another tutorial and free download for you this week from Kermode. He’s a rising star in the work of sound design and music production, so we invited him to share some of his personal pro tips and magic tricks with ya all.

In this video Kermode shows us a powerful and unique bass processing technique he calls “Multi-band Chorus distortion”.

He takes us step by step through his process of separating a sound into it’s own unique frequency bands, applying different chorus effects to each, and the finally squishing it all together again with distortion for a truly unique effect.

He will show you how to turn a simple saw wave in Operator, into a lush bass, with this one rack. As usual we’ve made this rack, plus 5 free basses he created with the rack, available for free download! Simply enter your email address at the top of this blog post!

The results speak for themselves, and this will open up a world of possibility using this technique on your basses.

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