Did you know there’s a special bundle of secret weapons lurking on the Ableton website?

The majority of our community members didn’t know that there are some unbelievable and FREE new devices in Max for Live that don’t install automatically when you first load up Live.

Let us get you up to speed!

To make your life easy, we’ve gone ahead and collected our favourite Max for Live tutorials into one blog post, showcasing how you can take full advantage of these under appreciated tools.

For each tutorial, we’ve included a free download so you can follow along. Simply scroll down to start watching and enter your email address for the corresponding download. Enjoy!

Max for Live Poli Synth: How to Make a Future Bass Supersaw Lead with the Max For Live Poli Synth

A truly remarkable synthesizer, Poli was 1 of 3 Max For Live synthesizers that was added with the release of Live 9.5. Versatile, characteristic and accessible, Poli is analog modelled, polyphonic synth full of warmth and character. In this tutorial, Ableton Certified Trainer Merlyn Silva shows you how to create future bass supersaw lead with Poli.

Max for Live Multi Synth: Randomize the Max For Live Multi Synth to Life!

Multi; a unique multi-mode synthesizer capable of a wide variety of interesting and stylized sounds! Merlyn gives a dedicated look at all 6 of Multi’s powerful and different modes, and reveals how a simple workflow idea can take advantage of Multi’s unique features.

Max for Live Bass Synth: Analog Bass Tutorial

It’s all about the BASS! Vespers gives you a rundown of some key features of the Max for Live Bass synth and shows you an example of how he’s been using it in his sound design to get some fat, analog bass sounds. Let’s take a look!

2 Essential Bass Effects Racks: Processing Max for Live’s Bass Synth

In the first video we designed a fresh patch with the Max for Live Bass Synth. We used a couple Audio Effect Racks that were fairly integral to the final sound, and as promised, in part 2 we’re gonna dive into the racks. Vespers breaks them apart step-by-step, deconstructing them so you can see exactly how they are put together.