Today we are excited to be bringing you a fresh tutorial from Warp Academy’s newest team member, Ableton Certified Trainer, Torsten Sven Rich-Wimmer.

Torsten utilizes his multidisciplinary expertise as an active musician, engineer, and Ableton Certified Trainer to equip aspiring artists, producers, and recording/mix engineers through interactive lectures and various online resources.

During the mixdown process, few tasks frustrate engineers more than creating separation between the kick drum and bassline of a tune. Although traditional sidechain compression alleviates this dilemma most of the time, this technique unforgivably interrupts a bassline if it plays a central melodic role within the track.

In this tutorial, Torsten, explores an advanced mixing technique using iZotope’s Neutron, that will provide superior results to sidechain compression. This technique uses dynamic EQ to duck the bass to the kick and provide a very transparent solution to eliminate frequency masking.

If this is your first time seeing iZotope’s Neutron; it’s a BEAST, to say the least. For the purpose of this tutorial Torsten will only be focusing on advanced features located within the equalizer module. Although we’ll only utilize a small fraction of Neutron’s potential, today’s tutorial yields extremely powerful results, and we have included the full Ableton Live Project file as a free download. Enter your email address at the top of this blog post to grab it!

About The Trainer

torsten-600Showing promise from an early age, Torsten took to the musical/theatrical stage by age nine. He developed a unique connection with each audience by painting melodic murals to share his impassioned imagery. Proficiently studied in piano, guitar, bass, drum, and turntablism, Torsten shunned classical performance in his early teens embracing various underground performance venues. Developing a love for EDM in the early 2000’s, he quickly built notoriety in local circles for remixing and live performance.

Earning his degree in business-management, he fills a valuable role on numerous advisory boards with independent record labels, recording/mastering studios, and higher-education facilities. While acting as Head Instructor for SAE Institute San Francisco, Torsten actively taught 30+ subjects and rewrote various course materials including music theory, studio acoustics, and large-format console theory. His relentless passion for hardware-software-peopleware integration lead to a consulting career teaching master classes in EDM production/performance, venue maximization, music business/marketing, and game audio design.

Discontented to teach limited audiences, Torsten developed his ByteSyzed YouTube lecture series. These 2-minute videos synopsize complex technical concepts using Ableton Live as a primary framework or feature hardware/software reviews endorsed by leading design firms like IK Multimedia and iZotope Inc.

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