In the final video of this 3 part house groove production tutorial series, guest instructor, Dan Larsson, dives how he designed a synth chord stab in xFer Serum and gives a tour of his mastering chain used in the project.

To get the chord in key, he uses some of Ableton’s handy MIDI Effects devices: Chord and Scale. The Chord device changes a single incoming MIDI note into multiple notes at pre-defined pitches, and the Scale device forces those notes to fit a specific scale so you never play an non-diatonic (out of key) note!

Inside Serum, Dan uses a custom wavetable he made by recording him blowing into a bottle to create a nice airy timbre. He then applies filtering to get a nice pluck sound with an envelope, and fills out the sound with the noise oscillator. Completing the sound are Serum’s effects: Dimension Expander, Chorus, some EQ notching, and a plate algorithm in the Reverb effect.

To complete the 3 part series Dan gives a full tour of the mastering chain used in the project. The full mastering chain includes master bus compression in Ableton’s Compressor device, some low end boost in EQ Eight, some additional bus compression using the new Glue Compressor, and a Limiter to top it off and shear off any rogue peaks that snuck through the compressors.

Watch Part 1 here!

Watch Part 2 here!

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