Guest instructor, Dan Larsson, is back with part 2 of 3 in this tutorial series on house groove production in Ableton Live. In this tutorial we get an in-depth lesson on FM synthesis in Operator.

A lot of FM synthesis can sound too harsh and digital. Dan shares step-by-step how he creates a really organic sounding percussive FM synth stab, getting a result that really fills the groove nicely.

After Operator, Dan also shows you how to can round out and further sculpt the sound using Ableton’s Corpus device. In this example, Dan explains how Corpus helps to make sounds feel more percussive by emulating a membrane of a drum, giving the sound a different timbre, and helping it to blend into the mix with other percussive elements.

This house groove also features a fantastic analog emulated bass made in Operator. Some advanced features of Operator are looked at, including nudging around the phases to get more of a Moog-like sound. The difference is incredible and if you haven’t tried this before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

To top it off, Dan goes against some conventional advice, using the stereo spread function of Operator to widen the bass. With some advanced mid-side processing from Ableton’s EQ Eight, he cleans up the stereo field getting rid of any problems in the low end. This keeps the subs nicely in mono while allowing some width and interest to the sound in the sides of the mix.

Watch Part 1 here!

Watch Part 3 here!

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