In this 3 part tutorial series, we’re stoked to have guest instructor, Dan Larsson, showing us how he puts together a seriously kick-ass house groove!

Dan’s been a long time sound designer for Loopmasters, runs his own Youtube channel called Let’s Synthesize, and has created Slammin’ Future House, a collection of 100+ Operator presets, exclusively offered here at Warp Academy. We’ve been really impressed with his work and invited him to join the Warp Academy team to give you some fresh tutorials that focus on FM synthesis and house groove production. This three part series is built with an extensive Ableton Live 9 project file that is available as a free download! You get all the synth presets, Racks, samples, MIDI grooves and more!

The first video of the series kicks off with Dan walking us through his drum programming in MIDI. You’ll learn how to get an infectious groovy beat going using swing, quantization, and Live’s powerful Groove Pool feature. Dan showcases an incredible plugin called Kick 2 from Sonic Academy (you can grab a 14 day free trial here), hands-down the best kick drum synthesizer we’ve ever seen. You can get solid results, making professional sounding layered and processed kick drums in seconds.

An absolute master of FM synthesis, Dan then reveals the power of Ableton’s infamous Operator synth. He demonstrates how to create a percussive clavia style FM hit, and how to creatively use Ableton Live’s Audio Effects to process each sound so they sit nicely in the mix.

Watch Part 2 here!

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