Warp Academy Featured Member: Jon Neimeister



A powerfully diverse community with a wide variety of skill levels, it always excites us to see aspiring musicians flourish in our growing community. At Warp Academy our Trainers love teaching and sharing their knowledge surrounding music. Here is another inspiring story from our community.

Jon Neimeister’s love of music began at a very early age, playing the piano as a kid. For the past 5 years he has dabbled with composing and in the past year has he really sunk his teeth into production. It’s always been something he wanted to do, and after he started actually studying, he fell totally in love with the process.

Having a real passion for the simple power of a good chord structure, good rhythms, and good melodies, Jon draws inspiration from classical pieces and soundtracks of video games that he was introduced to at a young age. His musical influences include Dr. Luke, Koan Sound and Kraddy to name a few.

He enrolled in Creative Mastery with the intention of using the teaching to further his illustrations, but after being so impressed with the quality of the instruction he decided to check out the other courses in the Warp Academy and Vespers libraries. Jon says,

“All of the courses have been tremendously helpful and I’ll definitely be taking more in the future.”

Jon’s main goal is to just the best music he possibly can. He truly enjoys the process of making music, learning about it and hearing a finished track come together. Right now Jon continues to further his learning and experimenting,

“I’m still relatively new to the whole thing so I’m just trying out as many different things as possible, trying to tune my ear to good quality sound, hone my strengths and shore up my weaknesses. A process which has been made notably easier by Vespers and all the great folks at Warp Academy!”


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