Warp Academy Featured Member: Johnny Zana



It is truly inspiring to see our incredible community at Warp Academy grow on a daily basis.  We love teaching and sharing knowledge with members of all skill levels. It always excites us to see aspiring musicians flourish and we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of your success stories with the community.

Johnny Zana is Johnny Antezana. His music journey began in 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island, where he studied under numerous talents and perfected his technical skills as a new DJ in the local scene. Experimenting with Trance, Progressive, and House Music in the years following, he expanded his search to encapsulate his true style. He found himself performing in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and South America and the music took on its own life from there.

A staple in the San Diego Electronic Music scene. Johnny Zana is known for providing quality opening sets for top global acts such as Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Myon & Shane, Gabriel & Dresden, Cosmic Gate, Tritonal, Super8 & Tab, tyDi, Norin & Rad, EDX, Tom Colontonio, Marco V, Aly & Fila, HeatBeat, and numerous other events yet to come. His current world of music has no pause button.

In 2014 Johnny took part in Vespers VIP Coaching Program (which was transformed into the Vespers and Warp Academy course Pimp My Track). In this program Johnny submitted his track “JetSet” to be remixed by Vespers and results were nothing short of spectacular.

Below you can watch a clip from the course that shows Vespers working inside of Massive to develop some of the bass sounds in the tune.

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Vespers is a beat-making robot sent back in time from the year 2502. He was banished from the future for repeat offenses of making excessively bass-heavy noises, leading to irreparable structural damage to the downtown core of Neo Tokyo. It is reported that his long-time sidekick and party companion “Go-Go”, a biogenetically enhanced fennec fox, also travelled back in time to join him in his exile. Vespers is known for his extensive and unpredictable glitches, which cause him to randomly spout tidbits of music production wizardry and secret techniques to virtually anyone who will listen. Kind of like the robot equivalent of Tourettes Syndrome. You can see hours of videos of him waxing poetic about all kinds of audio geekery on his Youtube channel. Legend has it that getting sent back in time was all part of his “master plan” to create a legion of bass worshipers who will take over the future. Although he isn’t human, he does have an puzzling affinity for jazz music and a fascinating preoccupation with saxophones. You can frequently catch him wreaking bassy-havoc and inciting funk-infused dancefloor mayhem at all kinds of music festivals and West Coast gatherings. WARNING: If there is a Vespers sighting in your area, ensure you protect yourself and your loved ones with heavy duty hearing protection and undertake standard earthquake readiness procedures.