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In this video, Ableton Certified Trainer Merlyn Silva takes us on a journey into the wonderful and wacky world of Echo. This powerful new delay device is full of analog vibes and retro cool, with heaps of imaginative features to explore.
There are three ‘views’ or tabs to Echo Delay: Echo, Modulation, and Character. The Echo view houses the most important controls like Dry/Wet amount, Feedback and some surprises like an in-build Reverb section. In the Modulation and Character views, you’ll find some super slick features you may not have used before.

This video takes some interesting and unusual approaches to working with this audio effect:

  1. First up, we uncover the Ducking function and learn how it can be used to clean up your mixes while retaining a sense of space.
  2. After that, we lift the lid on the device’s internal saturation ‘circuit’, and beef up a drum loop by adding some warmth and fuzz.
  3. Lastly, we touch the tip of the iceberg with feedback-based sound design and learn how you can use Echo to create a self-oscillating tone. From beautiful pitches to eerie drones, this fresh approach to using delay is bound to send you down the rabbit hole of fun and experimentation!
Echo is a welcome addition to Live’s cannon of audio effects; all of us at Warp Academy have been having a blast getting to know this device. There’s so much going on that we won’t have the time to cover it all, but we’ll do our best to get you up and running with this sick delay device.
Get with it!
The Warp Team

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