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A few weeks back I teamed up with one of the premier creators of high-end studio monitors, Dynaudio, to do a shootout of two of their top end pairs of reference monitors: the BM12mkIIIs and BM15A Classics. My role has been to put them both through the ringer in my studio, doing sound design, production, mixing and mastering work. I’ve definitely had the chance to give them a thorough test drive.

Did you miss my initial review?  Click here to see it.

To make sure you’re fully up to speed, check out my initial review here, where I got into the full specs of each monitor and my first thoughts on their performance. In this video, I’m going to give you guys my final thoughts, including which pair of monitors I picked as my favourites.

The Contest

Dynaudio has generously agreed to give away a pair of the ones I like best to my Youtube channel and subscribers on my e-mail list. You have a limited time to enter, so check out the contest details below and make sure you sign up before the deadline. You have a really good chance at winning some sick new monitors for your studio.

The Contest is now closed. The winner has been announced. It’s Nick Vann. Congratulations Nick! Enjoy the monitors.

The Winning Speaker

Let me first say that this was a VERY HARD decision because the BM12mkIIIs and BM15As are both incredible monitors!

Dynaudio is a world class brand found in pro studios around the globe. They compete alongside companies like Genelec, Focal, and Event to name just a few. These two monitors are at the top of their game, so that made picking my favourite pair a very fun job.

The model I picked was…the BM12mkIII! Let me explain why!

The Winning Speaker: The BM12mkIII

dynaudio bm12mkIII studio monitor reviewBM12mkIII

  • They had more detail in the midrange
  • Really revealing for things like vocals, snares, toms and bass hits with a lot of top end harmonics
  • Wonderful and accurate transient punch
  • I wanted a speaker with good bass extension that was adequate and tight, that worked in my nearfield setup
  • Wonderfully balanced monitor
  • Hyper accurate lows, mids and highs
  • Hyper accurate lows, mids and highs
  • A great mixing sweet spot
  • Fantastic stereo imaging
  • Flat accurate sound, that translates well to other sound systems

IsoAcoustics Stands

  • Acoustically decoupling your speakers from their desk/stand prevents the desk/stand from producing unwanted, coloured sound
  • This severely comprises your ability to mix music objectively
  • The IsoAcoustics stands act as a shock absorber, giving it a solid footing and making sure you’re only hearing what’s coming out of the monitor
  • I really loved being able to use the stands to angle the monitors down just enough so I was dead center in the sweet spot

Wrap Up

Although I don’t think you can go wrong with either monitor, it was the BM12mkIII’s that won the day for me!

I wanted to say a huge shout out to Dynaudio for working with us to do this review and also for your incredible giveaway offer. To all of you watching, don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to win a fresh set of world-class monitors. Check out the contest details below and enter now.

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