Get up to speed in Live 10 with Warp 10!

New in Ableton Live 10 (Standard and Suite editions) is the Drum Buss Audio Effect Device. It’s a killer tool for beefing up your drum recordings, samples, and loops, but try it on anything that needs more whomp!
Drum Buss combines parallel compression, limiting, distortion, transient shaping, and sub-harmonic synthesis into one handy device. With all these processes combined, you can avoid creating your own custom Audio Effect Racks and add weight, warmth, and grit to your drums.


To use Drum Buss, first we choose a distortion style:
  1. Soft: uses a wave shaping distortion similar to a tube circuit.
  2. Medium: is a limiting style distortion.
  3. Hard: presents an aggressive clipping type distortion.


After choosing the mode that suits a given job, you can use the rest of the controls to dial in the specifics. This video will give you an in-depth look at each of the following parameters:
  1. Drive: which controls the distortion.
  2. Crunch: that allows you to manipulate the midrange harshness.
  3. Boom: gives you your low-end synthesis.
  4. Damp and Freq: manipulate the tone and pitch of the distortion and synthesis.
  5. Transients and Decay: which control the emphasis and release values.


Follow along in the video for some super sick pro tips, and best practices! Drum Buss packs a wallop; John Bonham would be proud of this one.
Jake Perrine, Lead Trainer – Warp Academy