Guess who? AK once again bringing you a juicy topic this week on the “perfect HiLo split”. So you want to do some parallel processing in Live where one chain […]

It is truly inspiring to see our incredible community at Warp Academy grow on a daily basis.  We love teaching and sharing knowledge with members of all skill levels. It always […]

Our resident sound design nerd and synth fetishist Myagi just recently did up a nice quick tutorial for our friends the Cableguys. Learn how to create a slick, morphing pad sound in this vid!

One common creative hurdle in the song-finishing process is adding “sparkle” to the drums: fills, rolls, and other semi-random nuances that take your drums from a robotic drum machine pattern into something like a “performance”. Through the use of playable, real-time switchable patterns, Break Tweaker can help you do this in some pleasantly surprising ways.

It’s not every day that your favorite old school beast gets ported onto an affordable platform (and officially no less). Find out why one of the most influential instruments of all time still gives a synth nerd butterflys in his stomach.

The Freestylers should need no introduction. Original bass movers, their music has taken them all over the globe and landed them at some of the best parties in the world, including Derek Zoolander’s Derelicte launch… Check out their views on production, career choices, collabs and more.

Reverb plugins come in two flavors: algorithmic and convolution. Both do the same job – they give your recording an artificial sense of space. The first does it through an algorithm (aka: math) containing a series of tightly packed delays that gives you a room simulation. A convolution reverb (such as the one included in Live 9 Suite’s Max for Live plugin of the same name) uses an impulse response of an actual space.

Gadget is the new synth suite / mini DAW / drum machine / sketchpad for the iPad that dropped at NAMM 2014 with little to no lead up in promotion, and hit like a ton of bricks. No big teasing over thought product launch, just straight up “here it is,” and it’s really QUITE good.