Warp Academy is an online music academy for producers and performers using Ableton Live. Created and run by Ableton Certified Trainers, we’re an Ableton Certified Training Center focused exclusively on sharing the best possible online education related to Ableton Live. We created Warp Academy to help aspiring musicians and music producers like yourself jumpstart their education with Ableton Live.

At Warp Academy the two most common questions we get asked are:

  1. “Do you offer an Ableton Live discount?”
  2. “I have a copy Ableton Live, but I am a beginner and I want to invest in my education. What courses on Warp Academy should I start with first?”

If you have ever asked yourself either of these questions, this blog post is for you.

If you know a friend who is just beginning their path into music production, keep reading because this blog post is for them too.

In this post, we will explain step-by-step which courses on Warp Academy you should start with first, what order you should take them in, and how to take advantage of an exclusive opportunity we’ve established for our community members. If James Bond was going to learn music production this is how he would do it.

Step One: Our Ableton Live Educational Discount

As an Ableton Certified Training Center, we’ve set up an exclusive partnership with Ableton that allows our community members to purchase a copy of Ableton Live software for 40% off retail price. To qualify for this discount via Warp Academy, all you have to do is show a receipt(s) that prove(s) you have enrolled in $300 worth of Warp Academy courses or products.  Here are the Ableton Live 10 Standard and Ableton Live 10 Suite retail and educational prices shown side by side:

(View a detailed comparison of Suite & Standard here.)
*Canadian residents pay the same prices shown but in CAD dollars.
With this educational pricing, you save $216 on Live 10 Standard and $360 on Live 10 Suite!

Knowing that you need to have spent $300 with us to be eligible for the educational pricing we’ve decided to launch a special bundle of our 4 flagship courses at a total price of $300!(retail $339)

If you grab Ableton Live 10 Suite*(really a no brainer…let us explain why), the $300 worth of education you purchased from us is basically FREE with the $360 you save in educational pricing at Ableton.
*Not interested in Live 10 Suite? No sweat! Grab Live 10 Standard and you still save $216!

What is this special bundle of flagship courses?

Step Two: Introducing the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle

There are no rules at Warp Academy, so you can combine any number of courses from our catalog and take them in whatever order best suits you, but if you are a complete beginner to Ableton Live and want a simple way to take advantage of the educational pricing look no further than the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle!

Even if you already have a copy of Live, this bundle is still specifically designed to be the BEST and FASTEST way to learn Live thoroughly!

These 4 flagship courses are jammed full of practical knowledge, explanations, and concise breakdowns of why things work the way they do. They are what make the Producer Plus Bundle truly epic and we recommend taking them in this order:

  1. Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart: Our flagship course on Warp Academy, Ableton Live 9 Jumpstart is an 8-hour course taught by Ableton Certified Trainer and Warp Academy Lead Trainer, Jake Perrine. It will take you from a complete noob to solid competency of the core functionality of Ableton Live 9 and it includes Ableton Live Project files used in the instructional material so you can easily follow along.
  2. The Producer Bundle: The Producer Plus bundle has a baby brother and his name is the Producer Bundle. Our Warp Academy team of Ableton Certified Trainers have collaborated to bring beginner and intermediate users of Live the most succinct and badass collection of online educational material money can buy. 7 bite-sized mini-courses, covering 28 topics, comprised of nearly 200, 5-10 minute tutorials on every subject you can imagine in live. These short and easily digestible lessons deliver only the critical information necessary, so you can quickly get up to speed and making music. The 7 mini-courses included in the Producer Bundle are:
    • Live Fundamentals
    • Audio Clips and Warping
    • Session View
    • Producing with MIDI
    • Essential Audio Effects & Instruments
    • Producing with Racks
    • Grooves & Automation
  3. DJing with Ableton Live: In this 3-week course, you will take the journey from the first steps of DJing all the way to rock-solid proficiency. You’ll learn all the techniques you need to DJ with Ableton Live and be able to easily build a Live Set template that you can DJ with at any event!  This course is taught by world-renowned Ableton Live Certified Trainers and DJ’s, Ian Gallagher and Isaac Cotec.  Their deep knowledge of Live and mixing techniques will get you DJing fast!
  4. The Art of Synthesis: This course will take a novice or even moderately accomplished synthesist to the next level and beyond. After taking The Art of Synthesis you’ll have the ability to create virtually any sound you hear in your head, or reverse-engineer the sounds you hear in other producers tracks. Synthesis and Sound Design guru, Myagi, will take a cross-platform approach to sound design, looking at techniques and tips that are common to many instruments, allowing you to get the most out of the synths that you already have. Divided into two styles of video, each synthesis concept is explained in a “theory” video and then shown in action, in a series of “practical” videos where you get to watch a detailed construction of a high-quality synth sound.

When you buy the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle you get:

  • 40 hours of HD video lessons, taught by Ableton Certified Trainers and industry pros
  • 330 video episodes, less than $1 dollar per video!
  • Educational Discount pricing of 40% off Ableton Live software!
  • Lifetime Access to the course videos and materials!
  • Student Discounts of 20-60% off our partners and third-party plugin providers, including iZotope software, xFer’s Serum Synth and more!
  • 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don’t like something we will refund your money up to a full 60 days after purchase, no questions asked!

Step Three: Getting Started

To take full advantage of the educational pricing and our Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle here is how to get started:

Purchase the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle

  1. Start by purchasing the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle OR search our course catalog and create a custom order that equals $300 or more
  2. After making your purchase take a screenshot image of the receipt we email you OR when logged in click on My Account in the top right hand menu of Warp Academy, and then scroll down to ‘Recent Orders’, on the My Account page, click on your order number and take a screenshot of the full invoice.
  3. Then head over to Ableton and purchase your desired copy of Ableton Live from this link
  4. On the Educational Pricing page Ableton states: “The software won’t run properly until you’ve verified your educational status. If you can’t wait for the verification process to run its course, use the free 30-day license to make music while we verify. Verification normally takes just one to two days.”
  5. To activate the discount, kindly send a copy of your receipt from Warp Academy to edu@support.ableton.com with the subject line ‘Warp Academy Verification’.  Ableton will then activate the discount and inform you of the next steps.


What exactly will I learn in each course?
Each one of our product pages contains a full course description, course curriculum and free full-length preview videos from the course. We highly recommend checking out each course page fully and watching the free preview videos! That way you can ensure that this bundle is right for you.

How can I be eligible for the educational pricing?

To be eligible for the Educational discount pricing you need to purchase Ableton Live from this link, and then email a copy of your receipt(s) from Warp Academy to edu@support.ableton.com totaling $300 or more.

What if I already have a copy of Ableton Live?
If you are a beginner and already have a copy of Ableton Live, definitely still check out the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle!

How long do I get access to course videos and materials for?
You get lifetime access to the course videos and materials.

How long will it take Ableton to approve my software license?
Ableton states on their educational pricing page that you will typically get a response of verification in 1-2 days. If you can’t wait for the verification process to run its course, you can use the free 30-day license to make music while Ableton verifies.

If I want to create my own custom order of $300 or more, what courses do you suggest outside of the Warp Academy Producer Plus Bundle courses?
If you want to powerfully transform your relationship to your music, definitely enroll in Vespers most popular course Creative Mastery.  If you are looking to level up your Bass sound design skills and want to learn how to make bass that will seriously piss off your neighbours, check out the Blitz Bass Sound Design course.

For any further inquiries into our course catalog browse the entire library here.

Still have questions?
Our ninja support team is all hopped up on green tea and would be absolutely stoked to help answer any questions you still may have. Send them a message here.