When Ableton Live 9 launched we did a free series on some of the brightest new features as detailed by Warp Academy trainers Ian, Isaac, Ryan, and Jake. Strap yourself in, and engage.

Below you can watch the entire series for free. Check it!

Live 9’s Browser

There are many new improvements to Live 9’s Browser, which utilizes a new two-pane navigation to get you to your files quickly.  Its like a crate of records, or an artist’s paints. But not as heavy. Or messy. Ian walks you through the particulars.

Live 9’s Session View Automation

Now in Live 9: the ability to record automation in Session View!  With the addition of the Record Session Automation button, recording automation—or modulation—to Session View Clips is easy and powerful.  Dive in with Isaac as he shows you the ropes.

The Live 9 EQ8

EQ8 has always been a staple in Audio Effect Devices. And Live 9 gives it a major upgrade, including a swath of new features such as an integrated analyzer, audition mode, expanded view, and more filter types. Lead Trainer Jake Perrine demonstrates how a great Device just got better.

The Live 9 Glue Compressor

Based on the attributes of classic bus compressors, The Glue Compressor lives up to its name, gluing your Group or Master track signals together. But don’t “limit” yourself: his new compressor can be just as “sticky” on an individual element as well. Ian is going to show you how to apply this new Device without being “tacky”.

The Live 9 Compressor

Like EQ8, Ableton has taken the Compressor, an already solid workhorse Device, and greatly expanded its capabilities in Live 9. With three different views for assessing your gain reduction tasks, two release envelopes, an upward expander, and a wet/dry dial for parallel compression tasks, the gloves are off and Compressor is coming out swinging. Lead Trainer Jake Perrine spearheads the tour of this highly capable Device.

The Live 9 Gate

The Gate Devices gets a sizeable upgrade and facelift in Live 9. A new visualizer similar to the Compressor’s helps you find the sweet spot for your gating tasks. Lead Trainer Jake Perrine shows you around this handy Device, and why “less is more” when dealing with noise floors.

Live 9’s Audio to MIDI Conversion

Undoubtedly the new feature of Live 9 that garners the most “oooOOOooo!” factor is the new trio of Audio to MIDI functions. Opening wide many creative doors, this feature allows you to turn melodies, harmonies, and drum beats into MIDI data that can then be assuaged to new sounds or tasks. Ever wanted to hum a keyboard pattern? Beat box a few Drum Rack notes? Well, now you can. And Ryan McAllister is going to show you how.

Live 9’s Automation Curves

Nature abhors a vacuum—and so does my living room! But nature also abhors straight lines: music is often full of curves, variation, and even randomness. Enabling your inner nature-lover, Live 9 includes the use of curved automation lines, which makes your automation moves as musical as a mountain stream. Certified Trainer and Elven Lord Isaac Cotec will show you how to “bend the spoon” with nothing more than a mouse and your Alt/Option key.

Live 9’s MIDI Editing Improvements

MIDI data is like chewing gum: malleable, fun, and ultimately flavorless (until you add a synth or sample). Ryan is going to show you how to blow some MIDI bubbles with the candy store of new MIDI editing features included in Live 9.